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  1. Ok Rivera Gillespie Harris Ellenberger (D) Arce Alvey Eubanks Teymur ( the one that’s fighting Lentz) (The prophet) Muhammad Green Aguilar Wood Torres
  2. ok so here is my views: Chiropractor is good to go to once in a while. if I ever have an issue with my back whether it be muscular or otherwise I get my full MOT on it sports massage, physio and chiro. Chiro really loosens off the spine and the sports massage and physio work on muscular side. my flexibility is always better after chiro and generally good. Posture improved a lot too. - it gives me the creeps when I see arched backed people that could change it up with a few adjustments. the thing with chiropractor is they want you back every week for a readjustment. I normally go only once or twice a year. each time the guys like yeah that's good I can really see an improvement - come back. The other thing is it takes about 5-10 minutes tops for what he does which makes you think why the **** did I just pay 35 quid for that? and the ones in Scotland all seem to be Australian. If you having issues with squatting and deadlifiting may not be spine issue but muscular so no matter how many times you go might not help.
  3. Anyone else absolutely STOKED for the flat footed smiler? .... such an exciting fighter....
  4. I had it Till but wonderboy on my prediction. A lot of people on twitter seem pretty pissed off with the decision. Wonderboy need to learn to throw some proper punches and kicks and keep away from the points karate bull****
  5. Does anyone actually get excited to watch Usman fight?????????‍♂️????????‍♂️
  6. Surprised he didn’t try and bite him while in rubber guard. He likes a good nibble does Jason knight
  7. This deserves more like ????“Tonight Matthew I’m going to be Lying-on D’canvas
  8. dunno why I chose Mollymeatball - ive seen quite a few of her CW fights and she looks pretty average. the fighters she put against are worse than the dog**** on the bottom of your shoe. ..
  9. Scotland has just/about to open one in Glasgow I ate it once in Florida years ago got the Taco pizza was pretty awesome, was surprised I never got the ****s like advertised though.
  10. why you got your weiner out? jealous of you going to the event not of the size 8-)
  11. Zidanes freekicks were unreal. Plus his headbutts are fantastic - like old school MMA.
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