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  1. Thompson Magny Allen Amirkhani Taleb Spicely Breese Lansberg Pedersoli Jr McCann Theodorou
  2. The hillbilly has been turd his last few fights. Mr Finland will finish him off stylishly
  3. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/05/19/hitler-definitely-died-1945-according-new-study-teeth/
  4. on the next episode of hunting hitler "they didn't find him". it was reasonably entertaining but as usual with these kind of shows it was filled right out so repetitive as fook.
  5. I like Saul. surprised he lost his last fight. he's got some good wrestling and can throw hands. wonder if he will only be able to fight on bellator cards outside of US though.
  6. lol my bad. I confused you with that other tard Vert... carry on
  7. real Madrid were on my 7 fold last night. I went to bed with them 2-0 up thinking sweet money in the bank. wtf happened :/
  8. shouldn't you open your own thread for that cause you aren't even playing so people don't even care about your results...
  9. she went back to Invicta and came back as Hill 2.0. slightly improved. im excited for Hill 3.0 expect a win/loss ratio greater than 1:1. Hill 4.0 wins the belt.
  10. USman Suarez Cannonier Cannetti Lee Luque Cummings Moreno Kondo Benitez Barzola Saenz Silva
  11. You never seen heel hooks and leg locks? That’s Amanda Nunes and Raquel Penningtons favourite jiu Jitsu moves to practise ????
  12. *steel that was seriously bugging me. glad I got it off my chest. (or is that Cheast? )
  13. im wearing redwings atm. a bit chunkier than my normal boots but comfortable enough v12's were always comfortable but only seemed to last 6 months before I got a hole in em. I guess i am wearing them for 12 hours a day 180 days a year but still...
  14. not heard any of their new stuff but is meant to be good. I like quite a few of their like a verson covers.
  15. except Aline Sattelmayer apparently.
  16. He should realise his own backpack company. That would be sweet- I’d buy one
  17. Rumour has it those t shirts could cure that girls cancer...
  18. cheers thought I was maybe having another Barboza moment :/
  19. Rastajambo

    Jacare is a LOCK.

    First round was 10-8 for sure. Round 2 was even until jacare got knocked down- still threw some big hands in the last minute though. Jacare still a goat though. Should set him up against machida next. He defo looked more tired than he usually does
  20. Rastajambo

    Lol Belfort

    Anderson’s was still more impressive.
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