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  1. Unathletic looking pale and bald or do you mean fighting style? - unathletic pale and bald
  2. When was the last time they hand anyone of real interest on canpass? Wasn’t there a time when they put a few really interesting fights on fightpass? Dustin Poirier vs Duffy was last one I remember....
  3. Are you insinuating I will get raped for changing my pick. Bill Cosby “put the pills in the people!”
  4. Benfica vs Porto tomorrow - essentially winner wins league. Forca Porto ????
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PL4lqm7div8
  6. what you mean by the "hype" though? he is a good fighter don't think anyone can deny that. his defence is poor for a fighter of his calibre but he can take a shot and its part of his game plan cause he can give as much as he can take. is he gonna be a ufc champ? probably not. but the hype is real my friend.
  7. cant see photo. you referring to the Grand national? anyone got any bets? Cash where you at?
  8. anyone else notice that Courtney caseys face is 90% chin? giving felice herrig a run for her money.
  9. I know I shouldn't really do this but I will I change my pick to Brad Tavares.
  10. Gaethje Oliveira Adesanya Casey Carlos Junior Salikhov Reis Jotko Burns Mueller Lima Bhullar Perez Sanders
  11. Mate we need more of the Justin Gaethje, Dustin Poirier, cub Swanson. Exciting fighters I’d watch time and time again. Give me these fighters over a Usman or Sam alvey fight any day of the week..
  12. Please delay the update . My performance was worse than Evan Dunham. I got khabib fight and all wmma fights right and that’s about it...
  13. If I was home I’d defo be down there probably having a few pints with paddy the baddy
  14. Yeah just watching it now. Bet he can’t walk today
  15. It’s not that you look old it’s just the bill Murray caddy shack hat You could be 12 but the hat automagically make me think you are old
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