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  1. People hate capitalism until it makes them rich. What no one ever talks about is the 1% is always fluctuating. No institution so far discovered creates more new rich people regularly than capitalism. None. And now that Bernies got some coin because he got popular and wrote a book, hes rolling not 1 house, but 3. Like a real shmuck capitalist.
  2. I def say we try it, we could even do an expiration date and If we see a reduction, congress can re-enact it
  3. So just by making it extremely difficult you removed mass shootings completely. That's what I believe the directives I proposed would do.
  4. I thought they banned auto, semi-auto and certain shotties. So an Aussie could go buy a semi-auto weapon right now?
  5. We could work out a definition for the purpose of the directive I am sure.
  6. I haven't proposed anything that says, no one will die. I have simply proposed a plan that would reduce mass shootings, whilst keeping guns in the hands of responsible people.
  7. I definitely am not. I am saying that the extreme worked in Australia. So why not try a plan that keeps guns in the hands of responsible people and makes it really ****ing difficult for retards to get them.
  8. I was strictly talking about the point of a GVRO, which is what smoothcriminal was losing his **** about. He described it in its extreme form. Which is silly. No one proposed the extreme. It's about figuring out the gotchas, and implementing them as well.
  9. Again, Australia ended mass shootings, not gun violence by simply banning guns. Ending mass shootings should be a goal.
  10. Or say, posting a picture on snapchat that you the next school shooter? We can call it a cooldown period.
  11. The problem is Australia. They removed guns and removed mass shootings. I know we ain't Australia. But we should def try something. And I am not even proposing what Australia did. Every responsible person keeps their guns in my plan.
  12. People are the problem, no doubt. Like I said at the end of my post, we need to solve it. However, the GVRO is a great step toward this. A persons closest peers are the ones that can spot mental health issues. That's why the GVRO is so powerful.
  13. Slow down. Take a breath. Ok, focus. Im not saying you are wrong. But can you come up with a way that a system like this works? Just assume first a GVRO makes sense. What would that system look like to prevent the unreasonable removable of someones gun rights?
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