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  1. Please can you confirm if you are planning to shoot up the fight club members at Tire Big Nog?

  2. I miss you too man, all went downhill after you dropped out the premium forum and Rumbin decided to try and take over as the alpha male!
  3. Two of the sickest individuals I know in one forum!!! P.S. Rumbin got himself banned the dumb **** and tried to shell out the blame.....like always!
  4. I flew from the UK for 208, worst card ever, 10 out of 11 went to decision if I remember correctly!
  5. No i just break all news stories early over here so Dana has banned me from everything, except for UFC 208 which i lost my mind and travelled over for!
  6. If you have a spare 5 minutes check out my breakdown/predictions for this event: www.mmaandme.wordpress.com
  7. Breese would have killed this bum (he lives by me I'm biased)
  8. I reckon Breese is gonna really impress with a KO win. Moving up to his natural weight class and he has been really working his boxing, sparring with the likes of Anthony Joshua. Round 2 KO lump your money on it!
  9. Hahaha I know there will be a lot of upset individuals! How do I get a refund??????
  10. From the look of Brad Pickett's facebook, he or Briones is out!
  11. I agree. I was there for Gus vs Rumble and the locals didn't seem to mind turning up and watching the fights at ridiculous o'clock local time.
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