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  1. mikeygreig17

    Mooslim ban

    Yeah a few grew/lived in Belgium, also a few who travelled from Syria and French nationals/those living in Belgium who went to join Isis and returned without knowledge of any law enforcement when they were aware that certain members had been away to join. As I said small minority of refugees.
  2. mikeygreig17

    Mooslim ban

    I know the Paris attacks in 2015 were from terrorists who entered through Europe as refugees. There have been refugees detained in Germany last year for conspiracy to commit terror. As I said in my above post 95% of refugees will be genuine. And another issue as I said above is natives who join Islamic state and return home. Isis have directly claimed that they are using the refugee programme to attempt to smuggle terrorists into the country. I get your point about domestic terror as well, it's something I don't know much about first hand in the UK as we don't have many events over here, maybe due to our stricter policies around firearms. I.e we are only permitted shotguns, sporting rifles and air guns permitting they are registered and we have a licence and there are specific laws around storage I.e the guns and ammo cannot be stored in the same place/room and must be kept locked up. Plus handguns, semi automatics and pump actions are banned outright. However I hear about it on the news happening in the states all too often, obviously it is your right by the constitution to own firearms but I don't know what the process to obtaining firearms is in the states so i can't judge that.
  3. mikeygreig17

    Mooslim ban

    Maybe the EU should take heed of reforming there vetting processes with the number of events in France, Germany over the last year, only this week again a maniac yielding a machete lunges at people at the louvre in Paris screaming Allah akbar before he is gunned down by a soldier. I understand that probably 95% of refugees entering countries are doing so for the right reasons as they are in desperate in need of aid but too many organisations are using it as a way of safe passage for their soldiers. The sad thing over here in the UK is we've had almost 600,000 people sign a petition to ban trump from entering the country on a state visit when we've got just over 53,000 sign a petition to make the armed forces pensions tax free after 22 years of service and we allow Islamic state worshipers to walk our streets and preach their hate to others. Also there is 850 known people who have left the UK to join islamic terror organisations and at least half have returned with only 75 of them being convicted. I wonder when Brexit finally happens if this will have a better effect on our vetting policies and border control. I believe anyone in the UK who is known to be an islamic terror sympathiser, supporter/hate preacher should be deported immediately or prosecuted, any persons leaving the UK to known locations where islamic state operates should be subjected to vetting upon returning, and the vetting process for us needs to be upped as well. The only advantage we have from mainland europe is that we are island and therefore the refugees must pass through mainland europe first, but that only lasts whilst there is sufficient area for them to occupy. I read before that the US have resettled around 2000 syrian refugees since 2011 but Europe approximately admitted 250,000 in 2015. Since the start of 2015 there have been 6 ISIS terror attacks in mainland europe and 291 dead, 1220 injured. So yes maybe europe should do the same in terms of vetting.
  4. There's a thread in the premium forum seats/views from 200 there's a photo there of my view, on phone so can't link thread.
  5. He's maybe planning a trip out to the desert Casino style... Mr. Lach no more...
  6. Dude you can literally pay 400 bucks extra a ticket and sit a row Infront of where I sat at 200 which was front row of 865 section. 1250 tickets doesn't necessarily mean floor, they could be side risers as well. You won't get near the front few rows either like Chicago or Atlanta for 1250 or whatever. It will be fighters, celebs and vip guys who have they seats.
  7. 1250+ taxes will be any where from front risers to the floor same as 200 then you move onto platinum seating, seen some seats for 200 sitting at 10K for owners section for a few weeks.
  8. I invest part of my salary every month into my works shares so basically I get 1 free for every 2 I buy, also get free shares dependant on profits, and I'm locked in a scheme where I pay £90 for 36 months and the share price I get is £14 (discounted rate), recently they just hit £22 so I'm making £8 per share. I can't rejoin this scheme every December but cannot have any more than £250 in this one at any given time. In a year I'd say Ive at least doubled my money given the current share price. My work is alcohol as well so feel confident investing in that, used to work in a paper manufacturers but didn't invest to there shares... Thank god as I got laid off due to the company going into administration.
  9. Guy must have every fighter walkout/fight gear...think he bought the ufc store...
  10. Mr Lach will be unimpressed by BP's further fall today 44% decline in profits ouch.
  11. When doing workouts pre season for hockey i'd do roughly 1 hour weight sessions and 30 min hard conditioning sessions. Mon - Legs Tues - Chest/Back/Remedial Work Wed - Conditioning Thur - Back Fri - Arms Sat - Conditioning Sun - Rest
  12. So going by Dana's twitter video of a preview of tonight, someone in the men's team leaves and someone is coming back, wonder if it is cory with his shoulder? I'd like to see Khalil back out of everyone to be honest
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