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  1. Did you run out of animal crackers?

  2. We tried, but our only hope was banned
  3. I agree, Sam Stout is bad mofo and coming for that strap!
  4. snapdad you better delete those nudes of me

    1. snapdad


      No way, they are mine now

    2. AndyWang


      You should be ashamed of yourself

  5. Is it true that Mr Lach will be on the next Ultimate Fighter?

  6. That's a dumb thing to change your name to
  7. He's a bit misguided on the PTSD issue and I don't care fo the god stuff at the end, but other than that it's pretty good advice.
  8. Good lawd you're too dumb to even argue with. You make Mr Lach look like a god damned scholar. If you seriously think someone talking smack requires a physical attack in return, you're in for a rough life. I'm guessing you only adhere to this practice in your own delusional mind or maybe in video games, because you seem like the type who would get smacked down with the quickness.
  9. That's the mentality of the poor and uneducated.
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