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  1. I still remember when Tito and Dana were going to fight; how sad we never got to see that
  2. NRExposed

    Jon Jones latest?

    My guess is this ends in a settlement and some community service; perhaps some probation thrown in for good measure.
  3. I would loooooove for this to happen, I just dont see it. That last fight was horrid and he always looks a step slow, just has not been taken advantage of with his recent competition. I would love to be wrong though, what a story.
  4. ^ very good point; would love to see it though
  5. 265: Cain Velasquez 205: Jon Jones 185: Chris Weidman 170: Robbie Lawler 155: Donald Cerrone 145: Conor McGregor 135: Dominick Cruz 135: Ronda Rousey 125: John Dodson 115: Paige VanZant
  6. I am sure this thread will just keep growing and growing and for good reason. This is the type of noise I think fans should make about this sick ruling. I really wish Dana would take some type of stance, but he certainly has to lookout for his business and Vegas is the heart of UFC. #FreeDiaz
  7. I just caught the first episode myself yesterday ( a bit behind; busy week)...I have to second and or third the comments about this season being way more action filled for those wanting to get into the house. I'm interested to see the development of more than a few of these fighters; a few hidden gems.
  8. I'm on the Holloway train myself and hope he gets a main card nod; even if its that last slot. He is making impressive improvements and should be seen by as many fans as possible.
  9. This fight would definitely sell, not sure how exciting the actual fight would be though.
  10. Brock is way to physically gifted to not be able to wrestle Kimbo at any time that he wants. Kimbo is a turtle on his back so I think this fight would be quite boring
  11. Haha, that's pretty funny...agreed, this was needed to expose the fraud but probably could have done it a lot quicker to avoid looking like they were trying to cause trouble.
  12. NRExposed

    Jon Jones latest?

    The latest news I read is he is training Holly Holm for her fight with Ronda. you can read about it at the link below: https://www.the-newshub.com/combat/jon-jones-training-with-boxing-champion
  13. NRExposed


    I still dont agree with everyone who says Conor had a full camp when Mendes only took the fight on such short notice. There is something to be said about training to fight Aldo vs Training to fight Mendes. We could see throughout the fight that Conor clearly did not train much on takedown defense; which I'm sure he would have done more of if he had a full camp. Even the thought of fighting off his back against Aldo likely was not being planned which are both things you need to focus on within a healthy camp to fight Mendes. While I think the fight would be a lot more entertaining the second time through, I still feel like McGregor wins the rematch.
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