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    Love all things UFC. Huge Cowboy, Rockhold, Lawler, and McGregor fan!

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  1. 1 more week until UFC 192!

  2. Hoping Roy Nelson can KO Josh tonight!

  3. Counting down the days until UFC 192!

  4. Title defense? He doesn't have the belt... Lawler does.
  5. Wasn't a huge Rory MacDonald fan but after his war with Robbie Lawler he deserves respect. He's probably going to go the distance with Hector and hopefully have another amazing fight.
  6. As everyone probably has already seen the GO BIG presser, Conor pretty much took over and made that his show. Conor and Cowboy had a few words and now Cowboy has released a shirt of him kicking a leprechaun. How does everyone feel about a Cowboy vs Conor match up? I'm a huge fan of both, personally I think if Conor can beat Aldo than maybe he'll have a shot against Cerrone. But I like them both so much I can't really pick a side.
  7. Can't wait for TUF Wednesday! TEAM MCGREGOR!

  8. Matt Hughes TUF season 2 made me hate him! Hated the way he acted, esspecially towards Evans. Respect Aldo and his skills but hate him, and most of all HATE HATE HATE Johny Hendricks, he was so ****y from winning the belt from a fight I truly didn't think he won. Glad Robbie has the belt, hopefully next time Lawler faces Hendricks he'll knock him out.
  9. Hey I'm Jaylee, I've watched UFC since I was young. I can go on for hours about Pride, Strikeforce, WEC and UFC. Huge fan of the sport. New to Fight Club though I mainly bought it so I would be able to pay for tickets to see Cerrone win the belt early! But love the idea of this forum.
  10. Jones could either come back better than before or come back and completely ruin his career.
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