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  1. Harris would have been KO'd by his cardio if he had to go 5
  2. Good job by Dan letting that one keep going, shades of Kongo/Berry
  3. Even more relevant now
  4. Co-main? LOL UFC recovered from COVID fast as they are back to their usual stacked cards
  5. T.B.E

    Jones vs Ngannou

    No chance. Jones lives in DC's head like Trump does in the limp-wristed. The NG that showed up to fight a fat JZ would absolutely destroy Jon. He walked through JZ knowing he had power, he won't be afraid to charge at Jon. This NG would smash Stipe inside a round too. DC might fair better
  6. Great fight by Justin. Good stoppage. Tony reacted to that last punch like a boxer long ago, Gerald McClellan
  7. Terrible stoppage. He was getting up. Let them fight out of tough spots
  8. I like him. He has good potential but this was way too much too soon. He was losing big to Overeem. They should have fed Werdum to him instead.
  9. Stipe beat an NG that would have fought scared tonight like he did against Lewis. This NG would crush Stipe.
  10. That train was stopped by a fat black man before, very possible it could happen again
  11. Cerrone is going to test positive, he was sweating worse than Dana
  12. Jz is 260, usually 245. Hopefully he's just pulling a Tyson Fury
  13. Dom still fights? He'll at least abuse him on the mic
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