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  1. Wonderbread is a funny one, he's a stand up fighter who throws a lot of strikes and never attempts takedowns. I should like him, but his style looks like he's playing keep away
  2. Another one who can't read or is just willfully ignorant. I've mentioned many states and the different ways in which they changed voting laws, right before an election. Those are the facts A GOP senator changed the laws in GA too, of course he was being sued by the Dems to do it, but that doesn't change the fact that changes were made right before an election. I've never voted GOP, ever. But keep projecting and pivoting though, you wouldn't have a leg to stand on otherwise
  3. Who said that it does? Again you fail at reading the posts you quote. I said they have tried to overturn an election through articles of impeachment Impeachment is a process in the House of Representatives that makes up the first major step required to remove a government official from office.
  4. I only saw the main card. Some solid fights. The Font v Moraes fight was good while it lasted
  5. He did seem hesitant to let his hands go at times. Can't point fight a point fighter
  6. lel. I hope you don't go anywhere, your astounding lack of self-awareness and double standards are hilarious. Your banal insults could use some work though
  7. Who's talking about fraud? They went through the courts to change election laws. That's a subversion of democracy. Keep dancing around the subject
  8. He didn't shoot in that last round. That was no different than watching Maia riding Jorge's back.
  9. No way should anyone be given a round for sticking to someone's back. Vera was landing more from that position
  10. Phew, saved myself $50 in the end. Don't know about that decision though. Too much running
  11. 2-0 Khaos? If someone doesn't finish it this round I might be real salty
  12. Triple cringe put a denting on him too. He just can't take it anymore
  13. Darn, missed the prelims. Was going to bet Pettis, Santos and Khaos by Dec $50 would have paid $900
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