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  1. T.B.E

    Corona Virus Thread

    Politicians: We must all quarantine. Also Politicians: Lets' release people from quarantine I wonder how many inmates had travelled abroad for them to be so worried about them spreading it?...
  2. T.B.E

    First Brazilian Welterweight champion

    Amanda has a better shot than any of those cans
  3. T.B.E

    Put Together Your Best Card From The Cancelled Ones

    Main Card Ng vs Jz (main event) Khbib vs Tony (co-main) Rose vs Andrade Reem vs Harris Dustin vs Hooker Prelim 2hrs of Octagon Girls Gone Wild The rest can be cut
  4. T.B.E

    Politics thread

    Yes but that still only puts Swedes at around 23% of households with one or more https://www.gunpolicy.org/firearms/region/sweden 150% of American households have one or more
  5. T.B.E

    Politics thread

    Maybe if they had guns, the government wouldn't feel like they could get away with taking so much. Just a thought
  6. That stoppage was terrible though. I hate when a fighter goes ape chit on someone's arms and they stop it. Maia was clearly all there and defending himself intelligently
  7. Lee is a streaky fighter. The moment he stops thinking he's all that though is the day he's done. I have no problem with his self belief. Tristar has some splaining to do. Lee 2.5lbs over and Walker looking even worse is concerning
  8. T.B.E

    Jon Jones vs Israel Adesanya

    No thanks. I've had my fill of Izzy running from old men
  9. He looked levels beyond his opponent, but that reasoning really didn't justify his behaviour. Almost as confusing as Bisping telling the empty arena to "make some noise" for him
  10. Walker has zero cardio too. Easy but ugly win for Krylov, should be 3-0
  11. Was hoping being at a real camp would help Walker, but his defence is still as non-existent as his chin
  12. T.B.E

    UFC 248: Adesanya vs. Romero

    That's the same guy trying to build a legacy right? No one is going to give a chit about this W
  13. T.B.E


    Good win. Magny looked better than ever
  14. T.B.E

    Costa is going to just leave the sack hanging out of this idiot

    He might break speed records trying to get away from Lord Costa