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  1. Almost. Good call. It was a nice sub too
  2. Justin clearly couldn't carry all that extra weight sitting on him. ded after just 1 round
  3. Just in time to see that weight cutting(?) can receive some violence
  4. https://www.dataforprogress.org/about We are a multidisciplinary group of experts using state-of-the-art techniques in data science to support progressive activists and causes. and then there's CNN great sources
  5. Mod did a good job but the questions were clearly designed to address a certain agenda and avoid Trump's strengths which are also in line with what's important to voters. Nothing about the economy, no court packing, no guns, etc.
  6. Was thinking the same thing Come on
  7. Any sites I see are quoting the same NY Times piece. Unfortunately I can't read that article since it's for subscribers. Maybe you can explain to me how a 2017 tax return (filed in 2018) shows a singular deposit and then withdrawl 1 day after an election that took place in 2016
  8. https://forums.ufcfightclub.com/search/?q=reddit&quick=1&type=forums_topic&item=189007 Uh, because movies aren't real, the actor is 24, he touched himself. Take your pick. I'll wait for more information before drawing any conclusions. Hunter's deals that directly result in a pay for play with the big guy are of concern when the big guy is trying to be president, even if it will only be for a few weeks
  9. I did, I'm not finding your claims (I use DD not google). But since it's that easy for you, source please?
  10. You believe a Borat movie. I haven't said what I believe, I've just punched holes in your theories and projections. Biden wasn't even the nominee then. No one was trying to dig dirt on him, you know like russia, stormy, stone, cohen, etc. Sourcing from huffpo, mother jones and glamour doesn't make a circle jerk for virgins fora reliable
  11. FBI says Russia has nothing to do with it but I'll be sure to look to more informative places like reddit and other forums for some random's opinions to avoid being a mark. After all, @-idyb- seems to be supporting your position so you are in good company. Strange too since I am finding the story on the majority of conservative and center media outlets.
  12. Vindicating? You are sourcing a movie where 2 adults go to a hotel room and the guy touches him self. Oh the horror. The only mention of age from what I am reading is from Borat as part of a gotcha joke. Very damning indeed. Which story has he manufactured about the dems? I must have missed it. Did he photoshop those images too and magically place them on someone else's laptop? Tell me the one about projecting again while you're at it
  13. So you are saying that an international business man pursued business in foreign countries before he was elected and still maintains bank accounts abroad? Outrageous
  14. ez stepping stone. weidman will be humbled, again
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