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  1. lol not pretentious at all mate, come on, what else can you play?
  2. The piano is always something I've been interested in, but it's just always baffled me a bit and I'm not sure I could pick it up very well, but I'd love to be able to play it, like you said, so many different styles can be played on it.
  3. alright alright calm down Justin Bieber haha, I'm only kidding mate, thats awesome.
  4. Thats awesome, I played the guitar from being about 5 to about 10 then gave it up, played about with the ukulele too for about the same time period. I never got good as I didn't really practice as much as I should have but I could play along to a few easy songs. Like I said though I wouldn't even know where to begin now, I'd have to start from scratch again, but I'd love to pick it back up.
  5. Thats awesome, I'd just like to get to that level really where I can have a bit of a jam and not be terrible. I'm the same too mate, my hands and feet just end up doing the same thing. How long you been playing the guitar and bass for?
  6. I used to play the guitar and the ukulele when i was a kid but wouldn't have a clue where to start now. i was thinking about picking the guitar back up, so anyone else here play any musical instruments?
  7. Because he ducked all top contenders to fight a 90 year old man who wasn't even ranked top 10, and that fight was a draw at best for him.
  8. well, as a forum member who appreciates you being here, I'm thankful he didn't fight you, because you'd probably still be in your Coma. So thank him from me that he didn't beat you up. I love you.
  9. To be honest, what comes around goes around, and if he is a piece of **** who cheats on her like you said, then he deserves what has happened to him. Can't expect to do that to your partner and then be shocked when they do it back to you. Not saying what you did was right either though as you are his friend, but I don't know why people on here are feeling sorry for the guy and saying things like "this will effect him deeply for the rest of his life", you live by he sword, you die by the sword snd all that.
  10. well since your mind is about as creative as a potato with down syndrome, perhaps you can put your autism to good use and be the spelling editor of the story once its finished.
  11. I'll start with just a short beginning to the forum story, then the next person continue from that, and so on and so, be fun to see what our creative minds combined can end up with. It was a cold dark night in the middle of winter, snow was on the ground, he was out in the forrest all alone, the three other hunters he had entered the forrest with earlier that week was no where to be found. Suddenly he hears a daunting and terrifying howling sound in the distance, a sound so dark and monstrous it gave him chills to the bone, could this be the thing they came to track down, or was this just a big loan wolf in the distance looking for an easy meal? He started to panic and started running away from the howling sound as fast as he could, but........................ Please continue
  12. if that was true then 12er would be the biggest Conor nut hugger on the forum, because no one causes more rustle than mystic Mac
  13. LOL who the fook does he think he is? Conor mcgregor or something lmao, he'll do as he's told.
  14. Well, I've seen a lot of foglety cats over the years, some black, some ginger, some tabby and all sorts of coloured foglet cats, but that my friend, is the biggest foglet I've ever seen.
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