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  1. RadLad

    Rant time.

    Tony is definitely a cringe moron but I still hope he beats Khabib.
  2. Exactly, I got so sick of all the ****ty cards that I stopped watching UFC for the last 4 months or so... literally forgot about its existence until recently then I see some garbage judges decisions on my return lol. Anyway, I'll try to remember to tune in for the big fights. Also this, was looking through bestfightodds.com the other day and closed the tab after a while... had me like:
  3. I hope Romero smashes him, I can't get on board with Izzy's cringe personality and ****iness.
  4. He might be the worst poster on the forum tbh honest.
  5. I'm not a hater, I think Reyes is a nonce as well so honestly didn't care who won. But after 3 rounds I was thinking Jon is gonna need to finish this fight or at least get a 10-8. I find it absolutely baffling people (albeit very few people) think Jon clearly won that fight.
  6. **** that. You gotta win the fight to win the fight.... And Reyes won the fight. lol
  7. I don't really like either fighter but that should have been a win for Reyes. Nonsense.
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