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  1. I knew he was going to win. I had £100 on him too. After watching him dominate Aldo and the way Holloway struggled against Aldo, the writing was on the wall. He has very good striking, his head movement is brilliant, the way he gets in and out of range is brilliant, his kicks are very good. He is good.
  2. whitaker by tko and i will be putting my money where my mouth is.
  3. I cant see what DC is going to do to stop those body shots. He will get Kod again in exactly the same manner.
  4. I already admitted that I underestimated Gaetheje and also underestimated how shot Cerrone is at the moment. I'm sorry i just cant get too excited about someone who has lost to Eddie Alvarez. People pay to watch brilliance, people dont pay to watch 2 skilled fighters swinging at each other and hoping they land before the other person does. Wheres the skill in that? How much does Gaethje get hit? you think that hes a great fighter when he gets hit so much? He will end up getting brain damage before his career is done.
  5. one more thing. Anyone with a brain cell knows that there is absoloutely no way that Gaethje is going to be able to plant his feet and land big shots against Khabib. He will get taken down in a flash if he tries to do that. Dont forget hes only a midget so if hes in range to land on Khabib hes also in range to get smashed to the ground.
  6. If hes that bloody good at wrestling why didnt he use it against poirier and alvarez???? ****ing alvarez are you serious?? this guy loses to ****ing no hands alvarez and your saying hes gona beat khabib?? are you ok?? This guy gets KOD by alvarez and poirier, Mcgregor demolished both is 2 rounds and Khabib pissed on mcgregor..!!!!!
  7. Did he beat poirier? What did Khabib do to Poirier?? goes both ways mate. Styles make fights. I think Gaethje will give Khabib a good fight. And Khabib will have to be careful of his striking, but say what you like Gaethje's striking is not on the same level as Mcgregors striking and look what Khabib did to him. People are saying Gaethje has a wrestling background , khabib wont be able to take him down bla bla bla. Ill beleive it when i see it. Up until now I refuse to believe theres a man alive eligible to fight in the lightweight division who Khabib cant take down.
  8. hats off to Gaethje. I underestimated him. That was a really nice knockout and the timing on that punch was great. Please dont get carried away though. He hasnt really beaten anyone. Cerrone has alot of mileage and i would say is close to being shot and Gaethje is in his prime. Khabib would manhandle Gaethje.
  9. Cerrone will ko gaethje. Gaethje is just too clumsy
  10. showtime also lost to dos anjos who khabib destroyed. Also lost to barboza who khabib destroyed. lost to holloway, who poirier destroyed, who khabib destroyed. Look, khabib is the mayweather of ufc. He will retire undefeated mark my words.
  11. hahaha. Your that person who always says ' this would happen', 'that would happen', until it actually doesn't happen and exactly the opposite actually happens. Then you start all over again, and that my friend is how you ended up broke lol
  12. how can you not see the slip? He clearly slips and ****s up his leg and you can even see him saying ohhhhh shiittt. Your blind if you cant see that.
  13. Pettis should get a real job. Hes not cut out for this ****.
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