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  1. This picture is so true, It used to be so much easier to keep a kid away from sexual predators but today they are lurking just out of sight every minute of every day and they only need a phone/laptop/tablet with internet access and they have unlimited number of children to prey on
  2. SCARY THING...... I can actually imagine a few of the gormless bastards on the videos to actually say something like this, they get themselves so excited at the thought of a quick **** that they abandon all sense of actuality. Some interesting comments again on here and again like Youtube shows people are split on the subject of the Paedophile hunters. I reckon the Police should take a look at the number of offenders the hunters are catching and if they do not like the thought of vigilantism they need to start up their own dedicated units that do exactly the same job with the same numbers of arrests if not more with the resources they could throw at it
  3. The groups online here are non violent though sometimes they do get angry and call names like Nonce etc but they actually have a duty of care to protect the nonce from the angry public who sometimes gather around. Someone said its entrapment but it is not simply because the accused approach the group online, A quick run down is, the group set up an online profile claiming to be a girl aged 10-15 and simply wait, within hours someone will be sending **** pictures, asking for nudes back etc and then over the next few weeks the accused will have dug his own grave and the hunters decide they have enough evidence, confront them and have them arrested
  4. Here in the UK in the last 2 years a number of groups have sprung up were they actively seek out paedophiles online. Some of the stings have seen seriously bad people captured and taken off the streets including a double rapist, a 47 year old that wanted to do things with an 11 year old, a 30 year old that wanted to make a child bleed and then keep going when she cried. Thing is the comments section under each video seem to have the people here split between supporting the groups and actually hating on them. I for one support them and think they do a great job and I have no problem with them giving the nonces a bit of verbal. Whats your thoughts on the groups?? ** For those foreign to UK shores who want to watch some nonces get busted and jailed the groups to search on youtube are .... **** The Hunted One Internet Interceptors Shane Brannigan Guardians of the North the Midland Hunter
  5. Tonight guys do not miss out on Julius Indongo to beat Ricky Burns via KO/TKO/DQ at 11/4 so £4000 wins you £15,000 Great bet as Burns struggled when he moved up to lightweight with the power and tonight he goes up to light welterweight versus a guy with a big big punch, a guy who travels well and a guy who is far bigger in height reach and frame. Get on even £40 wins £150 which for the unemployed guys on the forum would be a great wee bonus in the pocket
  6. Just handed out Likes like they were sweets, even gave out likes for the argument over the correct grammar and the forum idiot even got one even though it was a usually idiotic comment
  7. I actually like Black people in fact they are among the best workers I have ever had In truth though I do like Woodley I like the fact that he can end a fight at any moment in the 25 minutes but I think he needs a dose of reality or to stop surrounding himself with yes men and hangers on who tell him how great he is, He needs to or he will stop evolving as a fighter, he will lose fans and he will turn non black fans against him with his negative attitude. I wonder how long it will be until we are deemed to only see Hughes and GSP as better because they are white?
  8. A weak division in terms of elite fighters, take Jones, DC and Gusty away the division is in trouble
  9. We all remember the racism allegations and how the UFC refuses to/ doesnt know how to promote black fighters, Now we have him stating "The UFC is lacking stars right now but I am on the cusp of becoming the next big star" and this belter " If I beat Diaz and St Pierre I become the greatest WW in history better than GSP and Matt Hughes" So is Woodley the most deluded champion the UFC has had considering he has 2 defences that finished a draw and a razor thin decision
  10. my mum has a house up Hobbs road right by the nature reserve it is a lovely place
  11. Now that really is the mean streets lol Walking around I was thinking what a beautiful town and then I wandered to Broadfield shops and was instantly hit with "Got a pound there mate" "you looking for weed" ????
  12. The result cost me an absolute fortune and its pissing me off because i didnt get a true run for my money. If Weidman had been sparked out then fair enough but we will never know if he would have recovered or how badly hurt he actually was
  13. Blocked in Oz?? The UFC host huge events in Oz regularly
  14. I remember reading the outcome of a study and it was absolutely startling, it "polled" millions and found I think 1 in 3 muslims in the Middle East support terrorism against the western world and welcome nees of attacks. That is a huge number bigger than any army in thr world so its about time the lefties realised its not a problem with a small minority its a huge number, you would think the fact ISIS were able to take CITIES would indicate they are not some rag tag band of goat herders turned radical but are in fact a well funded well equipped well led army of savages intent on creating an Islamic state and they now have foot soldiers in every city in every town in every country in the world. Cheers to the government for allowing the enemy to slip amongst us, thanks Gov for being so scared to be called racist you opened the gates, thanks Gov for sending our men to foreign lands to fight whilst you let the enemy slip in with a stroke of your pen
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