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  1. This guy is gonna provide hours of forum amusement. I’m glad he’s signed with the UFC at last. Paddy has a PHD in cringe. If you’re European and have ever watched ‘The Inbetweeners’ then you will recognise Paddy the Baddy, as being the Jay of the UFC. Enjoy, he is über cringe
  2. Myself and the better half got jabbed Friday. We both tested positive for covid late last year. I was asymptomatic, the wife had mild symptoms. For 72 hours after the vaccine, very heavy flu type symptoms set in. I’m talking shaking to bits with cold, or sweating like a scouser before a spelling test. Unless it’s needed to travel, the second jab can kiss my kipper
  3. Love each other Eat stuff and drink stuff that you normally wouldn’t do. Love is everything, it conquers all, so please be nice and spread a bit of love. Thank you 😃
  4. nobody can escape it, it is gonna reach 92 to 94 percent of us. over 50, smokers, being overweight, males, blood type a, are more at risk, but lots of young people have it too.
  5. "body of work on this forum" that was a genuine LOL mega lol
  6. 5 months, typical australian trade/business/society has gone get with it, your life has gone.
  7. yep oz is clear and testing is perfect pointless me contributing further. north america, enjoy your riots, south america, oh dear. africa, ****ed. europe, second wave will be a bastard,
  8. lol 59 percent of service/ex service people are tested. what percentage of you civvies are getting tested? you are a ****ing civvie clown, live with it
  9. nope. i'm an expert on how military reacts. i only did it for 20 plus years.
  10. "Our hospitals developed their own tests" I give up
  11. yup, thailand,and cambodia are now currently having a right laugh
  12. to be fair, nobody gets tested unless they are nearly dead.
  13. it's not uncommon now for some people in London. it's just horrendous. Panic in the streets of london, iwill be the latest vid
  14. yep, after 20 plus years in the military i'm clueless. a pat on the back? you clueless civvie imbecile nobody serving ever wants a pat on the back lol i thoroughly recommend you crack on as normal. PLEASE. Just you.
  15. yeah, an 84 year old who is disabled, can go to the market. 'that's on them' wonderful you ****ing mong twat.
  16. I volunteered tonight, as I got a reply to a card I put through pretty much every door here within a 1KM radius (very low population area) asking if I could help. I won't quote verbatim, but the reply was .. Thank you, I'm so scared to leave the house. (That broke my ****ing heart) I haven't had any fresh food for over a week now. (I cried) me now, I'm gonna do my best to look after this person.
  17. OK Oz Brits have volunteered to get shopping, get meds for the elderly, those in risk etc. Phoning strangers in isolation etc. (very important imho) So far 500K plus have volunteered I've volunteered.
  18. Already half a million have volunteered. The Brits can be cnuts, but I love this. Yes, I'm a volunteer. ‘Your NHS Needs You’ – NHS call for volunteer army 24 March 2020 Volunteering The NHS is “rallying the troops” for the war on coronavirus, with volunteers being called up to help vulnerable people stay safe and well at home. The nation is looking for up to 250,000 volunteers to help up to 1.5 million people who have been asked to shield themselves from coronavirus because of underlying health conditions. Members of the public can sign up quickly and easily at goodsamapp.org/NHS to become NHS Volunteer Responders, and can be called on to do simple but vital tasks such as: delivering medicines from pharmacies; driving patients to appointments; bringing them home from hospital; or making regular phone calls to check on people isolating at home. NHS Volunteer Responders is not intended to replace local groups helping their vulnerable neighbours but is an additional service provided by the NHS. GPs, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, midwives, NHS 111 advisers and social care staff will all be able to request help for their at-risk patients via a call centre run by the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS), who will match people who need help with volunteers who live near to them. Some charities will also be able to refer people to the service. Dr Nikki Kanani, GP and NHS Director of Primary Care, said: “Coronavirus is the biggest challenge we have ever faced, which is why we’re rallying the troops and telling the public: your NHS needs you. “Across the country people are playing their part in the fight against the virus by staying home for the next 12 weeks, to protect themselves, others and the NHS. “But many of those shielding will need our support to do that, and by signing up to be an NHS Volunteer Responder, people who are well can do their bit too. “This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments where a single action from one person can be the difference between life and death for another, and simple acts of kindness are going to make all the difference in keeping some of the most vulnerable people well and out of hospital. “NHS staff are pulling out all the stops to ensure those who need care receive it, and creating a bank of helpers that they can call upon to support their most vulnerable patients through this difficult time is going to be invaluable, so I would urge anyone who can to sign up as an NHS Volunteer Responder today.” Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Han**** said: “In these extraordinary times, it’s essential that we all pull together as part of the national effort to protect the most vulnerable, reduce pressures on our NHS and care system and save lives. “If you are well and able to do so safely, I would urge you to sign up today to help the most vulnerable people in our communities as an NHS Volunteer Responder. “Your help has the potential to make a real difference to some of those most affected by this outbreak – from delivering essential prescriptions to calling to check on the wellbeing of those self-isolating. “I am immensely proud of how the whole country is coming together to help one another – we must continue to listen to and live by the latest medical and scientific advice and through this national effort we can truly make a difference.” Working with the RVS and the GoodSAM app – a digital tool to help people offer their services to people in need – the NHS is recruiting people who are feeling well to help with simple but crucial health tasks. Catherine Johnstone CBE, Chief Executive, RVS, said: “Human compassion comes to the fore at times of great crisis. We saw that when Royal Voluntary Service was first founded during the outbreak of WW2 when a million women stepped forward to help those in need. “Since then our volunteers have continued to provide vital support in hospitals and in communities; helping people get back on their feet after a personal crisis. In 2020 we find ourselves once again facing a daunting national challenge. We are proud to support the NHS at this important moment and we are certain many thousands of people will selflessly step up to play their part.” All volunteers joining the NHS scheme will need to undertake training and background checks that are appropriate to the roles that they sign up for. All volunteers registering on the app will need to upload identity documents, driving license (for any driving related tasks), confirmation that they have insurance (if applicable) and any other role-related information. People can become an NHS Volunteer Responder and join the NHS’s trusted list of volunteers by visiting goodsamapp.org/NHS and adding their details to the NHS section. Dr Mark Wilson, GoodSAM co-founder, said: “GoodSAM has been saving lives through technology for five years by crowdsourcing resuscitation in cardiac arrest. We are hugely proud to now also be crowdsourcing volunteers to help those in need at this time of national crisis.” Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Oliver Dowden, said: “Our army of dedicated volunteers is already getting ready to play a crucial part in the coronavirus response. “GoodSam is a great way to connect those volunteers with people in need quickly and safely. I urge those of you who can to register today, support our NHS and help vulnerable people shielding at home.”
  19. Thanks for answering dude. I know it sounds gay as fckery, but literally, WE thank you for what you do as a job. To be honest, one more day of lock in with the missus, will drive me to suicide. LOL Stay safe muckers
  20. nowt wrong with eating squirrel, I've done it for years whilst fishing and camping. I once ate a rat after I'd accidentally killed it after setting up a figure 4 trap. Even with spices, rat tastes like rat.
  21. And male of course. Further proof that the god is female.
  22. Is roids OK? My missus friend snuffed it here couple days ago, she was head teacher. I know of 3 others I've been on the piss with, who are in ICU Lots of weird genuine medical stuff coming in, this isn't as old a persons thing as we thought. Pretty much anyone over 40, clinically a fatty tum tum, male, A blood type, then fair game. Weird living in a real time movie.
  23. yes mate lots of docs/primary workers in europe are dead
  24. i'm off to my bolt hole. please guys, dont start ****ing shooting each other,
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