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  1. Lol assumed here griffin wasn’t going crotch sniffing which looks like how this might play out
  2. Potential Fight of the night coming up, hooker already claiming performance of the night
  3. In that division Robby Yoel rockhold kelvin even jacare and Weidman can finish top guys with the punch.... Tavares had success with the overhand early, someone with more arsenal most probably land the one that counts without being broken down first
  4. Looks like this is on like donkey Kong? ????
  5. latest ufc embedded promo for GSP vs TWood?
  6. RazorRam0n

    Okay who won?

    who's the minority? https://twitter.com/ufc/status/1005682000819130368 oops there goes that arguement as well
  7. Jon Anik ✔ @Jon_Anik Was disgraceful. It’s Colby’s night and moment. Pretty stunning that they’d allow an analyst to steal his shine. 1:46 AM - Jun 11, 2018
  8. RazorRam0n

    Okay who won?

    Right eye shut tight is touch gloves lol yeah righty o
  9. stylistically kelvin is the best match-up, rob has beaten everyone else standing up and nullified all wrestlers,... like weidman
  10. RazorRam0n

    Soon. Are you ready?

    standing reverse guillotine FTMFW!! ​
  11. can't stand either of them, but Bisping needs the sack, got personal coz he got ****ed by Coby's buddy Horhay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTajeGxrRT4
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