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  1. Why is Maia an option, I’d go Thompson over him. To answer the poll, I’d go khbib, then Faber
  2. khigg86

    Rumour: UFC 226

    Would this make all the other cards between April and October pretty bad though, takes a lot of availability out of the ufc for headline power.
  3. I think this might be the first time I’m not excited for at least 1 fight on a card.
  4. Mcgregor vs Diaz 3 Cyborg vs nunes Dillashaw vs dj Stipe vs dc Let’s make this card happen.
  5. Depth on cards is a big issue. With how many divisions there are, how can there be ppv main cards with unranked fights? People keep ducking good fights, and it’s killing the sport.
  6. I just realized This was a sunday, not Saturday. Ufc afraid of nfl playoffs?
  7. With you guys, either do a 145 women’s to make a division, or lhw and hw for new blood
  8. I like tuf, nice mid week dvr for when I’m bored
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