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  1. You ain't reselling these tickets. Your best bet is to call your credit card company and try to cancel. Tell them you saw a lot of scam reviews. And don't want to risk it.
  2. Best case for Audie is: Conor vs Nate as the main event. Tony vs Khabib as the co-main With a title, Tony probably gets PPV points now. And this would give Tony a chance to double-dip on Conor PPVs (obviously the winners fight to unify the titles.)
  3. That's the problem. Those who WOULD use guns responsibly aren't the kind of people who would ever shoot up a concert. Yet there isn't really any practical reason to make certain kind of guns available.
  4. Yeah... by shooting and killing people. A handgun in the bedroom in case someone breaks in, fine. But if you need a high-powered automatic weapon to feel safe... then ya should probably make some lifestyle changes, Tony Montana.
  5. Uhh... this had nothing to do with intelligence. He didn't "accidentally" shoot 400+ people. Did exactly what he wanted to do. But I don't see a reason why ANYONE needs access to these kind of high-powered weapons. You can't stop crazy people from doing crazy things. But you CAN at least limit the amount of damage they're able to inflict.
  6. Not really sure how to approach the gun problem, but... cars have PRACTICAL, useful applications in daily life. What are guns really useful for... other than shooting and killing people?
  7. lol, this forum loves gassing up bums. Bangbus comes off like a butthurt little **** in this article.
  8. You can definitely split the order. If you buy 2, they'll only let you get 2 more next time you search with that same FC code.
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