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  1. you would get beat up for that **** where i come from. go try it in north carolina.
  2. "its only $5 more bro errrrrERRRRRR" isnt that what you were saying to me, so id get fight pass back and you could use my account for free again? lol you... TWOFACE.
  3. taking something to not take something is still taking something. moron.
  4. you need substance abuse treatment. you would think clearer if you werent strung out.
  5. conner mcgregor is the fakest gimmick that the UFC ever came up with, and his fans are on par, stupidity wise, with people that watch WWE.
  6. hes the one who was trying to shame me the three months i didnt have fight pass, so why not do it back to make him feel like a moron? the dude sides with people who pick on others kids.
  7. a picture of himself in front of his rented car in a rented coat LMAO
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