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  1. Well, i mean, i called the early first round finish.. i just got the name wrong. totally meant Woodley for the win
  2. Quick: favorite non ****ographic magazine to masturbate to?
  3. Woodley will come out scared to get hit, dive at Robbie's legs, get stuffed and beaten on until he balls up against the cage and leaves the ref no choice but to stop it. It's Wonderboy's belt anyway
  4. My eggs are mostly crap, but I did get a Lapras and Dratini out of a couple. Blue team.
  5. the teenage mutant ninja kind
  6. He's fine at LW, just hit a rough patch. Give him a fight with Bobby Green to get him back on track
  7. Gotcha. I guess the division is kinda weak outside the top 5 or so, so it's possible he contends again. Give him Manuwa or Corey Anderson and see what happens. It's just those top few right now that would really give him fits I have a crazy feeling Glover will get by AJ.. Maybe desperation, I don't know. I like both guys though, it's gonna be a fun fight.
  8. I'll watch, because no matter how as it is, I just can't turn away.. But man, they really should just scrap the flyweight division (and I'm a fan of the little guys) and move everyone up to 135. More fights, more possibilities.. Imagine MM vs Cruz 2, or MM vs Dillashaw, Joe B vs Dodson, finally get McCall vs Lineker.. Probably won't happen, but damn.. It needs to be done.
  9. Hey guys, I'm Corey. Been an MMA fan going all the way back to early UFC/Pride days when dad used to rent VHS tapes from blockbuster. So, I guess it's been a while.. Anyway, some of my all time favorite fighters include Daniel Cormier, Johny Hendricks, Dan Hendo, Randy Couture, Mark Munoz, and quite a few more.. I've wrestled and practiced BJJ in the past, but no MMA experience. Look forward to good discussions!
  10. I'm just not seeing it with OSP like some of you are. He's a solid fighter, no doubt, but I don't think he'll ever be champion with the likes of Rumble, Gus, Glover, Bader, DC, Jones, etc. around. DC's biggest great is The Mauler. The first fight was awesome, and Alex even hurt him a time or two, but Dan's wrestling and brute strength is hard to beat. I also think Glover poses a good challenge for him should he get past AJ
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