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  1. so if someone turns off the wash trading bots then BTC crashes to real value around 8-10k USD lol......
  2. So are we in a bull trap or bear trap right now?
  3. Would like to see BTC confirm support over ATHs.....stll havent seen that yet.
  4. Is the UFC trying to drive away remaining users and shut this board down for good? @Mcmax3000 @McMod_****S_his_FAT_DISGUSTING_MOM_in_the_ASS_BEG_is_a_****_too_LMFAO
  5. im in ETH and eth related coins lol
  6. Is this bullish or bearish?
  7. https://opensea.io/collection/the-sneakerheadz-society Is this art @StompGrind?
  8. Yeah it was a joke, people have the pitchforks out lol but clearly people are bitter they didnt win... needed .2 ETH for 5 ETH floor right now...easy money....yeah I get people are mad.... Im pretty sure their raffle algorithm made sure most NFT influencers got a Meka...plus whales that have hundreds of wallets got the grand majority.
  9. Everything looks like its in a acending triangle right now lol but......still not sure if this is the ultimate bull trap yet or not I have a conservative bag in ETH and some NFTs
  10. anyone else gonna try to get a Meka today?
  11. Sold this week my pudgy penguins and a cool cat lol $$$$$ not sure if I should put some profits into metaHeros and get a planet bull****?
  12. coinbase hacked lol looks like personal data stolen and they figured out how to get around 2FA.....probably would get my money off that exchange... I was wondering why there was a pop in price for no apparent reason this morning lol
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