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  1. Me bro I love that ****y weidman is back
  2. Could see weidman beating adesanya
  3. So weidman cant take this guy down....now what lol
  4. Could see a Jones trilogy fight at Hw
  5. Hopefully weidman wins so we can have a WTG cameo
  6. Damn feel like weidman will get kod again 😰
  7. Thinking about cashing out
  8. Any wtg sightings for tonight's fight??
  9. Saw that but also expecting stock market to deflate soon...if that happens crypto will go down with it
  10. Seeing lots of moves to fiat offramps...dump imminent
  11. VertFTW

    Yair Zabit fight off

    For sure lol Notice the perfect Grammar
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