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  1. “I have a hard time imagining anybody throwing me around. In any of my losses, it wasn’t like a dominant win. It was holy crap, out of nowhere, and fights that I was winning, other than my (Dominick) Reyes fight. And so I just have a hard time seeing anybody manhandling me and throwing me around. I just can’t imagine that happening. I would love to see that if that’s what everybody thinks that he could do. So that kind of excited me. But next thing I know, he’s fighting the No. 3 guy at welterweight.”
  2. VertFTW

    MTP is cringe

    Conor v porier for vacant title is the fight to make
  3. VertFTW

    MTP is cringe

    Lol this guy needs to go to bellator
  4. What the hell is can doing? Needs to go for ko if he wants to win now
  5. God Barza looks terrible without Suarez lol... Messi as usual just looking for easy goals to pad stats
  6. First of all if you watch the tape Kabob actually was thinking of trying the Cormier trick...so hes a cheater Second the comnishion was in on this scam so they did they weigh in wrong...so they are corrupt and were prob paid off. Thirdly Dana and the UFC mandated the fight go through at all costs because of the $$ so they let kabob weigh in overweight even though they use electronic scales backstage and confirm weight...kabob was the first to weigh in to get it over with quick. 3 entities scamming vs Cormier where it was just him pulling a fast one against some idiots
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