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  1. Brian Armstrong sold 70% lol Nobody gives a hoot about crypto....USD still the endgame unless they confirm they are buying btc
  2. Lmao Coinbase cfo already dumped ALL his shares.
  3. LOL @Genki proclaiming hes always been a serious investor then goes out to shill TRON......... We are all investing, speculating, sometimes even gambling to see what works out to make a profit...anyone saying otherwise is lying.......I have a few things that are true investments but I will put money on almost anything I think has a good shot at good R/R.
  4. lol I had to go back and check since I didnt remember I probably told you that just to get people riled up but yeah you were shilling TRON which is still in fact a scam. There were a lot more crypto posters on the board back then too....you guys all left. I think overall I agree with your views posted above and think you are probably one of the OG crypto people on this board so kudos for that but I think you mistake the direction of this thread. We discuss long, medium and short term investing/trading/speculating opportunities. We also call out risks/rewards where applicable but as always DYOR.
  5. Rumble hasnt fought in years...hes gonna get destroyed.
  6. binance international account to binance US account?
  7. lol sorry dont mean to be a jerk hope its not but you better check with someone on that....maybe could have been better to transfer to a no KYC exchange for that stash?
  8. All the ****tiest of ****ty coins are pumping....BCH(51% attacked, accounting fraud, Roger ver, Kimdotcom, etc etc), ETC(51% attacked, ****ty devs), Verge LOL...etc... DOGE is basically a BTC copy with no underlying tech and no devs working to build it.
  9. Sounds like a taxible event.....aka REKT city for you.
  10. so many ****coins with better R/R lol.... It could go up but there is way too much insider dumping going on right now....dyor
  11. MANA busted through 1.20 time for another leg up
  12. Interesting think to see if these insiders will dump COIN to get BTC or will they just keep fiat(smart)..
  13. D I warned you that there was no vesting period on COIN and insiders were gonna dump away at first chance....the stock will for sure recover i think once sell pressure is done with.
  14. Id rather get BCH than COIN if im looking for a decent swing trade.....but at least COIN hasnt been 51% attaked, its owner commited accounting fraud and COIN should have decent liquidity so who knows.
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