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  1. diazthechamp

    Politics thread

    I wouldn't know, I just started posting today, didn't see a politics thread so I decided to make one.
  2. diazthechamp

    Politics thread

    Why is this even remotely funny? This is the subforum to discuss things outside of UFC.
  3. diazthechamp

    Politics thread

    I'll be voting for Johnson myself.
  4. diazthechamp

    Politics thread

    About to be a crazy political season, can't wait for the debates.
  5. diazthechamp

    Suicide Squad

    Hadn't seen it, but heard it was terrible, did well at the BO though, not sure.
  6. diazthechamp

    Chris Weedman ....embarrassed !!

    Very sad stuff indeed.
  7. diazthechamp

    Newb here

    TMNT, but only the cartoon and 90s movies will suffice, anything from now doesn't even count.