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  1. Fig KO Gastelum DEC Diakese KO Pantoja DEC Duffy SUB Johns DEC Lipski DEC Dawson SUB R1
  2. Kattar DEC Elliot Stamann DEC Alhassan KO Ramos Shore
  3. Which is funny because that’s what he used to do to people. So happy to see Jiri in the ufc.
  4. Usman boring as ever and everyone alluding to it on the broadcast. Two headbutts, a groin shot and tried snitching on Jorge for a glove grab.
  5. Rose DEC Aldo DEC Holloway KO Jiri Ribas
  6. He’s focked up. But at least he saved himself the embarrassment and knocked the guy out cold unlike McNuggets.
  7. I don’t know what I was even thinking... I wholeheartedly apologise to this forum for my incompetence.
  8. They keep it there. No way the UFC cares about Stipe’s opinion plus the contract has been signed.
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