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  1. Yan vs the winner is f Sandhagen vs Sterling would be much more deserving. I guess they are sticking to the fact Aldo was going to fight for the belt anyway. I don’t agree he should have been but agree they shouldn’t pull the fight from him. Aldo vs Cejudo had the legacy sell where this doesn’t but guess both are ready to fight. Fight island?
  2. Have to agree but also have to account for a heavy Conor and a drained Andy. He’s obviously confident he could make 80kg but if you suggested he dropping to that weight, especially at his age, before he did I would of laughed it off. Fight never happens though.
  3. JSW

    Conor vs Usman lulwut

    Apart from the Khabib fight because they can sell it as such a rivalry I just don’t see the point of matching Conor up against wrestlers. At this point everyone knows they would just shoot at him immediately he’d just be practising that Masvidal flying knee over and over again in fight camp. There’s no appeal to seeing the star just on the mat if you are the ufc, he just loses appeal each time. I can see them making fights against Masvidal, Nate, Ferguson, Poirier, Justin because although they are all better wrestlers than Conor they won’t just going in there with that plan and that plan alone. Usman just dives at his ankles and wants that pay day what’s the point in that.
  4. He’s a much much better version of Sonnen. In fact even comparing them I feel ashamed in myself. Please forgive GSP.
  5. That’s a great way at looking at it and there is edge Andy to the better wins. But if they fight at 185 who wins. I say GSP.
  6. I’m a Conor fan I have to admit but I’m not one of his fans that thinks he’s a god. I know people don’t like him for various reasons but you can’t deny the great things he’s done in the cage and you may not agree with his approach out the cage but he’s grown the sport exponentially. I don’t think he’s the goat but I think you have to talk about how great he really is if not you’re just being naive. Yes Khabib beat him, yes Khabib is great too. In my opinion GSP is the greatest of all time, Anderson Silva is the best of all time. For me there’s a difference in these terms. You could make an argument for Jones being the best as well and maybe DJ if you’re below 5”4. One thing I find interesting in the goat conversations of any sport is how most candidates have spent time away from there sport. Look at Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods. And it’s no different here. Inactivity is something you can accuse all these fighters of. I see GSP as the goat but his inactivity was essentially a retirement then he comes back and wins another belt at 185 and retires officially. But it’s all opinion on the end of the day right?
  7. Also I need to watch the fight back because I can’t really remember what happened think I was a little pished for that one.
  8. **** happens. I’ve never cut weight and I’m pretty sure you haven’t had to go through the brutality of a professional training camp & weight cut. Let’s see what happens in the rematch. If the cut is an issue again I’m pretty sure he’ll be forced up to 135 like Borg. Got to give the guy a chance like you are JB no?
  9. I agree I hope Cejudo stays. I have no time for his persona at all, it’s not even like I want to see him fight and hope he loses I just have no time to listen to him. He’s a hell of a fighter though. I think he gets hard balled for a while though, I don’t think the ufc will want to be renegotiating deals like his or Jones for the Ngannou fight with everything going on. I see them working out a champ fight from either Sandhagen/Sterling winner, Yan, Aldo, Moraes and even the Garbrandt/Assunção winner might find there way to a contender fight. There’s enough there to keep the division busy for year at the top.
  10. Stupid fight. A rematch of a fight that was over quick and the winner didn’t make weight. Who cares just scrap the division. JB’s career has always been just not good enough to get the belt losing twice to DJ including one spilt and losing twice to Cruz again one spilt, but then again they are the little goats.
  11. Cejudo isn’t coming back, there’s no way they pay him what he’s asked for. Look up his buy rates and tell me they pay him 2m no way. Either the winner of Sandhagen vs Sterling fights Yan for the title or Yan fights Aldo.
  12. I’m not saying he will I’m saying he was meant to but due to everything they changed the fight to Cejudo vs Cruz at 249 because Aldo couldn’t fight. They’ll probably keep Sandhagen vs Sterling as the co main and sell it as a number one contender fight, knowing the UFC’s obsession with having title fights on card I’m surprised this isn’t one and the winner fights Yan.
  13. You have to remember 250 has planned to have Nunes vs Spencer and Cejudo vs Aldo. I imagine they will add another big fight whether it is main/co-main.
  14. I’ll take the L on that one I just didn’t read.
  15. Why would they rig it that way. Surely Barboza would be the bigger draw and if he won would be put into a top contender fight. Say some more dumb ****.
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