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  1. I had him losing 49/46 but it was his inability to get passed and beat Colby's game plan that surprised me the most.
  2. .......And open the 165 division
  3. I dunno I like the fight think it's a good match up. 165 comes in soon surely, he'll fall down into that. Why fight a big WW. He already said he sees them as too big, not a great mentality to go into a fight with.
  4. Not necessarily not good enough. Just not the right division. Too big.
  5. Struggles to get down that far though, he walks around at over 180 I reckon. 165 would be right for him. I guess he's hoping they create that some time soon. Would be great to open the division at IFW.
  6. Likely why he's got the fight. Also consider how Colby dealt with him so easily. Break him in gently and somewhat safely but against a ranked name. Same thing they're doing with Rockhold and his glass jaw, look how they give him the only guy in top 11 of the division that's not known for KOs.
  7. Fights RDA in Rochester, May.
  8. I stand corrected. I've never been to a sporting event with such a set up. Couldn't picture in my mind how it would look. UFC Dublin has helped. Looks odd but tge same fan shape and stage
  9. Never been but had a look and I've gotta burst your bubble. It's built for theatre and music. You couldn't have a big fighting event there, just won't work due to the fan shaped format.
  10. That KO was BRUTAL and if I remember correctly Goddard was well late in stopping the fight. It was when Perry was on a run and we all thought he could be a top 10 contender. Reality set in now though. Actually that was one of the best KOs I see live. Jorge has taken the top prize after Saturday's shenanigans.
  11. They were in Liverpool last year and Manchester previous to that. In fact Manchester had been used allot through the years. Birmingham and Nottingham too. In the early days as far North as Newcastle. It's not exclusively London, in fact far from it.
  12. Marble

    Till = LOL

    Mixed bag, mainly shocked silence and mouths gaping like they were waiting for dik to be placed. Georgy boy is well respected by those that know and Till being a Scouse loud mouth has his haters here too. He got a fair reception, better than you'd think, I guess? I gave him his props as he walked out and as he celebrated. Best KO I seen live for a fair while. Gracias Jorge, I got a blunt of Purple Stardawg waiting for ya. I'll hook him up while he's in my town.
  13. Marble

    Till = LOL

    He's gotta wait for Darren to wake up first. I could hear him snoring from the 10th row of the low risers.
  14. Marble

    Till = LOL

    As a Darren Till hype contributor it's only fair to contribute to this one. Best I can do. Brutal KO. Rescued a pretty boring and thin on entertainment event.
  15. Weigh in results-WE ARE ON! Everyones on weight except for Chunky Marshman (who's in the battle of Britain) coming in at 3lb over, 2lb over whats acceptable. Fights on though, he is deducted 20% of his purse Darren Till (171) vs. Jorge Masvidal (171) Leon Edwards (170) vs. Gunnar Nelson (170.5) Volkan Oezdemir (205) vs. Dominick Reyes (206) Nathaniel Wood (135.5) vs. Jose Alberto Quinonez (135.5) Danny Roberts (170) vs. Claudio Silva (170) Jack Marshman (188) vs. John Phillips (185) Undercard (ESPN+ at 1 p.m. E Arnold Allen (145) vs. Jordan Rinaldi (145) Marc Diakiese (155) vs. Joseph Duffy
 (155) Nicolae Negumereanu (204) vs. Saparbek Safarov (205) Tom Breese (186) vs. Ian Heinisch 186 Danny Henry (146) vs. Dan Ige (146) Molly McCann (126) vs. Priscila Cachoeira (125) Mike Grundy (145) vs. Nad Narimani (145.5)
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