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  1. Paging Nurse Jeff.. paging nurse Jeff.

    where are ur msg seats?

  2. Is gray Maynard that guy who fights on early prelims and became a nobody after USADA Came in? Or was he already a nobody I forget
  3. Is Anthony pettis the guy that jumped off the cage and kicked benson Henderson?!
  4. I’ll take LW Alex da Silva coelho
  5. Yeah and Sam calvavitta at age 55 is trying to qualify for the Kona Ironman without using any EPO or PEDs..
  6. Sell me reem for 12.5k if Dustin wins and we have a deal
  7. The thought is he was a paid stand by for the interim title fight in Atlanta. But now he’s apparently ducking the thought of fighting jacare too
  8. Yeah however much he wants I agree to it
  9. I don’t have money nvm I’ll just shut up and wait
  10. Lol not u Bart. If it makes u feel Better he was gonna be the one to pull the trade for dillashaw and release him thing, I imagine that doesn’t surprise you. this place really would’ve melted down if that happened
  11. Lol I don’t really find this fun with all the banter half the time idk what’s going on because I have to read thru it all. Was gonna start playin then with that snarky little cuk comment I’d rather not
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