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  1. I have tix for there and Columbus and zero confidence that either happen.
  2. Who's he looking to get knocked out by this time? He's a very sad story waiting to happen and has been pushing the same schtick about quieting the haters despite never being able to quiet the haters.
  3. Getting smacked in the face by some random street h00ker doesn't say much for her striking defense, especially after telling her to do it.
  4. Based on the timing of this, my guess is that you are Irish and are fishing to hear people tell you that your hero will win. Would you expect Kavanaugh to say he looked sloppy and like sh!t?
  5. Usually within about 24 hours to 24 months.
  6. Hang tight Vin. There are several attorneys who are working to sue fight club. Others here will also help.
  7. Can confirm the first part is untrue. @prozacnation lives in a sex slave dungeon. Presale code used 7 times last year. Posting on a sh!tty board is a bonus. There have been 20 threads created in the premium in the past week by casual conor cooksuckers who couldn't find their @ssholes if they had maps to them. It's frustrating but we subtly and delicately let these individuals know how stupid they are. That may be a reason for @sobercuban s overwhelming number of complaints. Sorry Sober...
  8. ^ While I don't disagree with that - its a horrendous callout nevertheless.
  9. how dare you make a thread about this!?!?! Do the just thing and ban yourself for it. thank you.
  10. PM @Rumbin He's a very compassionate and understanding gentleman, who will be pleased to help. Your friend, J
  11. Sad that this guy likes some doofus more than he likes poosy. He should invest more time on dating apps and less time wacking off in Irish flags. He'll fail soon.
  12. Told ya dansan - I hope this adequately addressed your concern. Have a good day.
  13. Hang tight there @dansan13. Our resident experts on fightclub tomfukery, @grouchymarks or @Rumbin will be here to help you shortly.
  14. that's what's happening. Don't know why UFC never stays current with it's own stuff. Antigulov is off. Ibragimov has a terrible gas tank and will blow his wad quicker than Michel Perreira. May be a good dog opportunity in Herman.
  15. I love watching Reyes but - KOing a smaller, less athletic, weaker, and slower athlete from a lighter weight class should have moved him down in the LHW Rankings. Weidman stinks I guess is what I'm trying to say.
  16. He makes himself a sh!t ton more likeable with shreds of humility. When he's banging on the tables saying he's the greatest, not so much. What works for some does not work for all.
  17. Ya think he's been ko'd in MMA? He'll get legitimately killed in Lethwei. Strip off the gloves and allow headbutts. That's a healthy alternative for him.
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