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  1. Damn, double choke much Allen
  2. First elite guy he faced and got folded like a chair
  3. Interesting match... I wonder how much of the same aspects and strategies here (wrestler v BJJ) will apply to Khabib v TF
  4. Getting KO'd by straight punches in middleweight = KO'd by half effort hammerfists in LHW
  5. Anyone else ever pull off a half nelson beatdown like that before?
  6. I'd say only somewhat effective for boys... but I plan to have my girls learn BJJ. most likely they will never get in a stand up fight,. If they ever do need to fight, will likely be against some boy trying to take advantage of them, and they will likely be laying down in that case, so having the ability to choke him out in that situation would be handy
  7. I can't believe Gifford's corner sent him out for round 3... was obviously outclassed and on his last wheel
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