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  1. I don't think he will do any better than TJ honestly
  2. If they were to fight now who would you guys have?
  3. Fook yeah Connors sorry azz just won me $100
  4. At first I didn't like till but he is growing on me
  5. Let's go Dustin I've got a hundred bucks on him
  6. Let's Go suns I bet $300 on them
  7. Sean well never beat anyone that matters
  8. Who wins tonight Clippers or Suns?
  9. Oh **** you're right bro 🤣 my bad. I still have suns tho 4-2
  10. That was only one game though. If Kawhi is out the whole series they don't have a shot. Plus they started Conley who hasn't played in a while. That was a dumb move. Same as nets starting harden again after he look like sh×t in his first game back
  11. Im rooting for Atlanta to win the whole thing
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