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  1. I'd easily be a close second if I wouldn't of missed the ufc 247 card
  2. Worst fight card in a long long time! But they usually end up having some great fights
  3. I submitted my picks early due to having almost forgot last week
  4. Damn I was really looking forward to gall getting knocked the fook out!
  5. I'm talking the Tyron that fought Josh Koscheck, Jay heiron, stun gun, Carlos Condit, and Robbie Lawler
  6. Hill won that fight these judges are the worst
  7. All I can say is Colby is lucky he dodged Woodley in his prime
  8. Here we go Houston here we go! Time to bring out the 🧹
  9. I was really looking forward to that fight. I had Glover winning
  10. Good now he can get beaten up by Ray Cooper
  11. I'd love to see Ruthless beat up Rory again in Bellator!
  12. Sure I'd love to see chito ko sean again
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