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  1. I'll keep score since decompoze isn't acknowledging you. GAETHJE VS FERGUSON Taylor 9-2 @cashfl0w 10-1 OVEREEM VS HARRIS Taylor 8-3 cash 4-7 =Taylor 17-5 cash 14-8
  2. Yeah and you have to bet on each event you dumb f***
  3. Francis would whoop the dog **** out of Bones
  4. I have better things to do than argue with you caah
  5. I bet him all the time, hes the one that won't sign the contracts
  6. At least I'm man enough to join the league
  7. Usman would literally mop the floor with Jorge
  8. More so than Aldo yes. I'd like to see Aldo get a win at Bantomweight before getting a title shot
  9. Good better Cruz then aldo, aldo has not earned his shot
  10. I should be watching UFC249 RIGHT NOW!
  11. Let's go God of War! Been a fan of his for a while. Good to see him finally get a title shot
  12. How embarrassing bro your mistaken Kamaru's birthday is not until may 11th? oh man you must feel dumb
  13. I'm curious to see how he can do elsewhere opposed to retirement
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