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  1. No! gunnie is gonna be always a gatekeeper, let the argentinian fly to the top ***hole11!
  2. Mousasi already re-sign. Ariel Helwani reported earlier.
  3. As a good MMA fan I will be rooting for Maywheter to Knock him out cold
  4. Artem leftovers? Ishihara vs. Lobov was a fix. Watch the fight again and you will see it.
  5. after the UFC 210 weight ins I really wish Jones comes back and whoop DCs ****
  6. Cormier weigh in at 206.2 and AJ at 205 Thats why Cormier weigh in at 205 after (exactly 1.2 less) and AJ at 203.8 (exactly 1.2 less too) The scale was too damn fixed
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