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  1. i believe we can make an exception for wickles. he was always talking about doing kinky stuff with our relatives and family members
  2. last night i gave his mother 15 minutes of glory
  3. the last time i have seen anything that resembled your performances on this card, i had to flush twice.
  4. you should all be ashamed of yourselves, i am not impressed by any of your performances, including my own not only am i still in the lead after the oddsmakers, judges, and referees all fuсked me hard with no lube, but you all got your cheeks clapped by wickles. you guys want to know why i drink? its so i can drown myself away from these kinds of sorrows.
  5. China threatens Australia with retaliatory long range missile attack , if it helps Taiwan in war. https://7news.com.au/travel/china/chinas-media-mouthpiece-threatens-long-range-missile-strikes-on-australian-soil--c-2794988 RIP ozpride and tigerchamp
  6. she aint fooling anyonne. she really wants more whats her number?
  7. Wind shatters Chinese glass bridge, stranding tourist 100 metres above ground https://nationalpost.com/news/wind-shatters-chinese-glass-bridge-stranding-tourist-100-metres-above-ground glass bottom bridges? oh hell no! i think i'll just stay on the ground, thanks.
  8. that card really was a dumpster fire congratulations on the win retard!
  9. motherfuсker takes some tomato can to beat cowboy cerrone on a weeks notice and owns us all
  10. god damn. i havent seen an orbital bone get this smashed since the last time josh koscheck fought gsp. he got his orbital bone broken from the very first punch and it forced him onto the Do Not Fly list but props to this dude for somehow not getting knocked out after getting his face caved in lol. canelo is for real.
  11. hey bro i know i'm a few hours late but i just wanted to wish you a happy mothers day
  12. screw it ima watch the fight. after seeing that weidman fight im pretty sure i can handle seeing this
  13. gsp was able to continue fighting on and kicking аss after shields got his аss kicked and resorted to blatant eye poking not sure how it played out in the canelo fight
  14. sounds to me like he took a good beating i havent watched the fight yet, but it reminds me of gsp vs diaz
  15. oh hell yeah. its time for me to fire up the wok
  16. that little dog should have pissed on his face
  17. gsp knocked bisping dead in his last fight, and then the british unconsciously surrendered shortly after that to a rear naked choke
  18. Caitlyn Jenner: If You're a Biological Boy ... You Shouldn't Be in Girls' Sports Caitlyn Jenner to participate in a women's golf tournament bruce jenner for governator
  19. only legends quit on the stool i remember that one time where BJ Penn, the UFC hall of famer, former multiple-division ufc champion, lightweight GOAT and undisputed lightweight champion of the world fought Georges St. Pierre, in the biggest superfight in the history of the UFC, and GSP made him quit on the stool. it was the most dominant one-sided beatdown in UFC history. GSP recorded 310 strikes landed throughout that shortened 4 round fight, a record that wasnt broken for many years afterwards. BJ Penn gave it his best, but he just couldnt stop the ever-impressive GSP onslaught.
  20. meanwhile in canada, the gestapo just arrested artur pawlowski for holding church services outside. he's that pastor guy who ran a bunch of police off his property twice already this month
  21. not surprising that people would rather watch the boxing fight than this bullshіt
  22. this should be legal in the octagon.or maybe for one of the ufc fan expo things. or for one of these ticket games at an amusement park, where instead of throwing a ball at a target that will dunk him into a tub full of water, you just hang diego sanchez upside down and have people kick him in the head
  23. you guys have been saying the same thing about every single one of gsp's opponents. and then they get their cheeks clapped. it would be no different for khabib.
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