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  1. Smiling assassin who opened fire at a Sonic restaurant in Nebraska killing two people and wounding two others after a U-Haul truck exploded in the drive-thru A man who police said opened fire at a Sonic restaurant in Nebraska has smiled for a mugshot just hours after he killed two people and injured two others. Roberto Carlos Silva, 23, was taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder and first-degree arson following the incident in Bellevue on Saturday night. The shooting occurred as police were responding to a report of a bomb located inside a U-Haul truck parked in the restaurant's drive-thru. The vehicle subsequently burst into flames. According to The Omaha Herald, Silva had been arrested at the restaurant on Wednesday on suspicion of identity theft 'after someone reported that a person had charged $57 on his Sonic app to pay for hamburgers and corn dogs.' He was released on bail the following day. It's currently unclear if the shooting was part of a revenge plot against the restaurant. Roberto Carlos Silva, 23, was taken into custody shortly after the shooting at a Sonic restaurant in Bellevue, Nebraska
  2. Group of Trans women savagely beat and stomp young man who yelled they aren’t real women https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/drunken-transgender-women-stamp-defenceless-13566104 chit nvm this is 2 years old but lol getting your **** whooped by angry trannies. thats gotta suck
  3. actually yeah, wearing a leafs jersey would probably just get me laughed at send me to a canadens game in a bruins jersey and then yeah, there's probably gonna be some kind of tragic accident resulting in my death or disfigurement. for some reason the montreal fans seeem to hate the bruins with a passion, so ive probably got a good chance there but dont you doubt the frenchies man. those guys are crazy and know how to riot. even when they win. which isnt very often anymore.
  4. putting a toronto maple leafs jersey on me and sending me to a montreal canadiens game would probably yield the kind of results you are hoping to achieve, but covids put a damper on that one for now
  5. i dont really care to drink wine, im a cheap beer and whiskey guy. and my bikes aint coming out of the shed until spring after the snow starts to melt and the trails dry out, but ill keep that in mind. im gonna get hella smashed the next time i do that though, dont you worry. i probably wont fall off the side of a mountain and die in a raging bike fire, but perhaps i'll find a more creative way to off myself on your advice
  6. you could have just asked him to not wear a mask when he goes to the grocery store and perhaps achieved the same results. no need to be so harsh and literal to him. i mean for all i know, if i had a dollar for all the times youve told me to off myself, i could probably buy a gun to commit the cowardly act.
  7. oh chit son. clearly moderator corruption does not exist on thie fora afterall. you should have gave that greasy bogan the chair!
  8. asking why someone is single sure seems like an odd thing to get bant for. ive seen vert making threads asking if youre cut or uncut, whether you pee standing up, or what your belt size is, and the mods never sent him back over the wall i'm pretty sure moderator corruption might have something to do with this. or perhaps tigerchamp is not a big fan of khamzat. nonetheless its time for @Bwana to change up that avatar. or maybe we all change to silly hazmat avatars, just to rally and stand together in protest against blatant moderator corruption. this has gone on too long. even classicboxer has fallen victim to blatant moderator corruption. actually i think just about every forum member left on this place has had to put up with moderator wrongdoings at one point or another. who even elected these guys? i mean even i have a better chance of passing a sobriety test than little kang and jchristian when i post. where do i sign up for this thankless job? i'll do you all a solid and ban both me, and wickles.
  9. welcome back homie. i'd give you a cake to celebrate your triumphant return to the fora, but bwana's been the go-to guy in the cake department lately, so you'll have to ask him when he's not too busy handing them out to wickles
  10. one of the most liked posts in forum history was sobercuban announcing his ban on wickles. and then scrolling through it to relive the memories, i came across this gem i'm pretty sure i was drunk, or my account got hacked
  11. i cant even find the original picture of the one i posted. i think it was so raunchy that it had to be removed from the entire internet. i cant exactly remember, but i think it was like a mutilated dead baby coming out of a vagina, with chit and guts everywhere, while someone was holding a knife to the babies head. when i was scrolling through google images and came upon it, i instantly knew it was "the one" to give to FVH for his birthday. i would have ate that cake too by the way. i thought that was very kind and selfless of me to share some birthday cheer to my former CS:GO homie, who died shortly afterwards and then reserectioned himself only to jump back into a car fire soonafter. then i come home a little while later and go on my computer and find out that im bant. mcmod and juice box were probably having a cake in celebration moderator corruption knows no bounds
  12. looking at the leaderboards, it has became apparent that zerkbot has literally robbed me from my golden trophy in this months popularity pageant. and in the yearly leaderboards, @Bubba_Sparks would even have a spot on the podium behind me and cashfl0w if it wasnt for zerkbots tomfoolery. ive spent the greater part of my forum days spamming worthless memes and calling wickles derogative names just to prostitute myself for likes, and it turned out to be all for nothing. i havent even won the day since may 17th when zerkbot took the day off, and i doubt many other forum members have either. my whole forum life is now in shambles. i have been participating in one big lie. i have been poisoned. this forum is a fraud. and after this shocking revelation, i might not be able to recover from such a travesty i demand answers. this forum deserves answers. what is the basis for these shenanigans @Bezerker101?
  13. if zerk can create fooking bots to like all of his posts, why the hell couldnt he get one of them to rig the american election? i still cant get over just how strange this is. i knew something was up when there'd be slow days on the forum and there would only be a small handful of new posts made, and then looking on the left column and seeing zerkbot absolutely smashing the days popularity pageant with several hundreds of likes, followed by some other forum member with maybe only a dozen at best. i always thought it was odd and even had a bit of a debate with 12er the other month over zerk cleaning house day after day. even the odd day when he's not even posting. i guess i just kinda leaned on his idea that he posts 100 times more than everybody else so he must get 100 times more likes. but that idea turned out to be bunk. but now all i want to know is why? this is fooking with my brain here trying to understand something that shouldnt even be real!
  14. this is one of the strangest things ive ever seen on this forum. this goes well beyond drinking your own bodily fluids, or calling up the FBI because a forum member made fun of your cat and idyb is very coherant for that matter. even when he tells you what you dont want to hear. i may not know too much about windmills, but i drink, and i know things. except when im drunk. in that case i usually just end up posting something short and stupid and then crashing out shortly after. i actually find it funny sometimes ill scroll a thread and then come across one of the posts from the day before and know right away that i was drunk when i posted it, even before i look at the timestamp. alot of the times i cant even remember posting it either. hell that even happened to me today as a matter of fact. scrolling down the politics thread and seeing saturday nights drunken reply to tigerchamp. i know i said something dumb anyways. i was drunk as and tried to internet. fortunately that seemed to be the only thing i posted. at least on this forum.
  15. this has completely ruined me. i still have faith that despite being brainwashed by fox news, theres an actual human being behind zerkbots account. but now seeing all of these 0 post accounts popping up that were clearly created for the sole purpose of mass-liking all of his old posts, i dont know what to make of this odd ordeal. lel looking at zerks reputation activity on his profile, its literally page upon page of crimson_cretin spam liking his old posts, with the odd post that zerk likes, and another foum member liking a post maybe once every page.. right now ive got to page 109 and its still the same thing. page after page of crimson cretin spam liking old zerk posts. and that was only for the last 5 days. i tell it to go to page 200, and its literally only just stehanie_rolls6969 on there, liking all of his old posts, and this seems to continue for hundreds of pages https://forums.ufcfightclub.com/profile/438411-bezerker101/reputation/?type=forums_topic_post& lol crimson_cretin going hard as a motherfooker. as of right now, he's gave zerkbot 1378 likes since the account was created last week. never even made a single post to the forum. wombat_89 handed him 3897 before going awol before making even just one forum post, and in less than a month, our good friend shehanie_rolls6969 gave zerk, and only zerk 3931 likes before disappearing on the day that crimson_cretin arrived. @Casyopia04 is also a major zerk supporter. gave zerk, and only zerk 4443 likes. and then also abandoned the forum without ever making a post oddly enough casyopia04 seemed to have arrived on the day that wombat_89 disappeared, and poor casyopia seemed to have died on the day that stehanie_rolls was born. fortunately on the day stephanie died of covid, we got crimson_cretin fresh on the scene to pick up the slack this is one of the most peculiar things ive ever seen on any forum before. i know people create multiple accounts to skirt bans, or to troll or to shill, but doing this just to boost some meaningless reputation score? last i checked, we're not getting paid for likes, so i dont know what the whole point of doing all this is.
  16. now this is gonna be a bit of a wall, but just hear me out i just figured out you can view all of the forum's activity in one large list format, which includes posts and reactions and whatnot. i dont know why, i was kinda bored so i just kept expanding the recent activity, and this is awkward as hell, but i chit you guys not. there is an account named @crimson_cretin which was created last week, and its only activity so far was to spam-like berzerkers, and only berserkers posts in threads that died years ago. in large bunches at a time and then he disappears again. then a day later, he's back at it again. no posts. just picking up where he left off in the same dead threads, and then carrying on with his love for zerk, and only zerk. i was rather suspect why he's always killing it on the leaderboards every single day by a landslide , even on days when he doesnt really even post. looking back on the recent activity, every day theres some random **** account liking all of his, and only his posts, and then disappearing again. this week it was crimson_cretin. i dont want to have to click through that many pages of previous activity, but i'm almost certain that if i go back before this dudes join date there will be the same pattern of activity from a different account with 0 posts. i suspect all this time, for what ever strange reason, zerkbot, or some dude in his russian troll farm, has been making accounts just to stealth like his own old posts. god only knows why. nobody else would sign up to this chithole of a forum just to like one guys posts in some dead thread and then just fook right off again. that doesnt make any sense. usually you create accounts if you have something to say, or want to engage in some form of discussion over something. theres no point of even signing up if youre just going to lurk. this is strange as fook. i was just scrolling back on a few days recent activity when i just came upon this and noticed a rather odd pattern. i'm like who the fook is that guy?!? whats he doing reacting so much in these threads that died years ago? and then i notice its only zerkbots posts that he's reacting to. and now ive kinda pieced it together as the only thing that makes any rational sense. @12er your theory about how he always kills it on the leaderboards because he posts 100 times more than anyone else may not entirely be correct. this forum has accounts on it where their only activity has literally been to spam-like stacks of zerks old posts. its been doing this day after day for as far as ive been able to scroll back to thus far. this is one of the strangest things ive ever seen on this forum @wombat_89 and @stehanie_rolls6969 have the exact same pattern of activity too, now that i look a bit farther back. interestingly enough, stehanie_rolls account has seemed to have died or become inactive on the very same day that crimson_cretin was born. i'm sure theres more alot accounts that were created for the purpose of giving zerk a reacharound, but i really dont care to dive into it too much further. ive already figured out whats been going on. but what i really would like to know is why?
  17. conor sucks. khabib bless! kanye 2024. and cb's ban was justified. ive never seen a filthy pot smoking machete wielding junkie have to take that much abuse just for being a filthy pot smoking machete wielding junkie, until that fateful day where cb came along and made that horrifying thread, and then tried to play the victim after the ban ran up as far as him getting bant for bumping old threads, my heart bleeds purple piss for him. ive been bant for less. my favorite i can recall is when i posted a link that redirects to the facebook homepage and then i called that guy a loser. i got like two weeks in the slammer for that one. even the former mod who bant me realised he done goofed up shortly after, but kept me in jail anyways just because he had too much pride in himself!
  18. u guys remember that vegan feminist cafe that was making the rounds? lol
  19. lol they drank the hand sanitizer at a house party because they ran out of booze. only in russia. 2 more of them are in the ICU in a coma.
  20. Seven people dead after drinking hand sanitiser at party in Russia i guess their vodka just isnt strong enough, or theres a national shortage of it. it really cleans your insides out. hand sanitizer is a gateway drug. you start by drinking purell, and then before you know it, youre behind a dumpster in an alley somewhere shooting up lysol
  21. that is a mighty fine level of detail you put into that presidential mullet hespect. i commend you for your service.
  22. flying spiders. sharks with friggin laser beams. godzilla coming out of the ocean. the cleveland browns winning the superbowl gonna be a wild one. buckle up
  23. the only way that donald trump could ever lose the american election is if hugo chavez stole it from him. i'm a believer now boys. i knew this chit was rigged!
  24. yup but i'm gonna get on board with sidney powell and believe without evidence that hugo chavez stole the american election for joe biden. i guess i'll have to take her word over some other crackpot who's on television literally covered in snot and sweating out shoe polish just when you thought ole rudy couldnt embarass himself any further after sticking his hand down his pants around somebody 1/3'rd of his age, or hosting the big post-election conferance at four season's landscaping right between a dildo shop and a crematorium, he somehow found a way to outdo himself. when youre up there smearing snot all over your face and sweating out shoe polish after the republican judge kicks you out of court and tells you that you need a drink, its probabably time to hang them up there must be a word or two's worth of truth behind sidney powell's words if trump doesnt want her on his team anymore, and not just the usual load of 100% genuine grade A horse chit they are used to putting out to their fanbase and now to the courts, so i guess im gonnna have to side with sidney on this one clearly venezuela rigged the election. it wasnt mickey mouse and ballots sent from mars like ole rudy suggested. it wasnt those dominion voting machines that the republicans brought in and had no qualms about until after the election. it wasnt the deep state or qanon. it wasnt big tech. somehow russia has avoided being thrown into the mix of these wild conspiracies thrown out there with no evidence to support it. this can only be the work of hugo chavez, rolling over in his grave to steal the american election
  25. well, he did bring in that one top security guy to help safeguard the election. and then fired him the other day after he came out and said what bunker boy didnt want to hear
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