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  1. This Facebook post is no longer available. It may have been removed or the privacy settings of the post may have changed.
  2. so myth confirmed? or myth busted?
  3. lmao googling "UFC 100" and it says on the event results thing that Jon Fitch vs Paulo Thiago was the main event
  4. holy chit the fights are tomorrow! thanks decompoze.
  5. George St-Pierre is still in insane shape https://www.bjpenn.com/mma-news/ufc/video-george-st-pierre-is-still-in-insane-shape/ Former UFC welterweight and middleweight champ Georges St-Pierre may be retired, but he’s still in truly phenomenal shape. St-Pierre flaunted his rippling physique and jaw-dropping athleticism in a recent post to Instagram, which will no doubt fuel another wave of speculation about his potential comeback.
  6. still would have been another event loss under your belt if it wasnt for LDD, who still managed to come in at a respectable 7-6. dude needs to get his chit together! a few more events and you might be able to overtake @juice64011 who exit scammed like 2 months ago
  7. may be so, but the world would not be aware of the 3 piece and the soda if it wasnt for this knob jockey
  8. my grandfather on my dads side and his best friend lied about their age just so that they could get into the army and fight in the war. they both ended up fighting together in world war 2. their tank came under attack in italy. my grandpa made it out but ended up losing a leg from it, his best friend got his head blown off and the other guy burned alive in the tank. none of them even needed to be there. they wanted to be there. they didnt even give two chits about italy either they wanted to go straight to berlin and shove a boot up hitlers **** but thats just where they ended up being deployed to and then theres captain bone spurs over here, the war hero my grandpa on my moms side was in the navy during the korean war and even he seen more action than donnie, even though he was just stationed on a battleship away from all of the real activity and the only action he ever got to see was poker and cigars.
  9. holy chit i liked that guy holy chit did this actually happen?
  10. UFC Reveals Potential Superfight for Georges St-Pierre UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman looked so excellent in his win over Jorge Masvidal on Saturday night at UFC 251 in Abu Dhabi that it seems even the people over at the UFC offices have started wondering how the 33-year-old Nigerian-born American champ might fare against retired all-time great Georges St-Pierre. Included among the possibilities for Usman’s next potential opponent, the official Twitter account of the UFC listed St-Pierre as one of only three options.
  11. Pretty sure none of that chit happened in canada either.
  12. it was starting to look promising when nigerian georges landed the takedown in the first 10 seconds of the fight. i'm on the wagon after that point. if you go 1/1 on your first takedown, youve won me as a fan.
  13. i needed an extra pair of shoes so i bought some nike legend react 2's today. i just hope cashfl0w doesnt find this out otherwise i would get my a$$ beat down in his backyard for not buying jordans this time these shoes actually feel pretty sweet though and i dont mind them at all. my feet are a litle wide though and these ones accomodate my feet really good when alot of these other models would pinch the sides of my feet and just be uncomfortable for me in general, no matter how i lace them. im actually rather happy with this pair. they were only $150 but they seem to fit really nice and i can also see myself wearing them for everyday use.
  14. should go both ways. retired guys need to stop calling out other fighters or pretending on social media that they want to fight conor mcgregor should have his twitter account suspended every time he announces retirement
  15. Wrestle Mania? Kamaru Usman wants to fight Georges St-Pierre https://www.mmamania.com/2020/7/12/21321919/ufc-251-kamaru-usman-georges-st-pierre-masvidal-rematch truly a monumental matchup that only the educated mixed martial arts fans would be able to appreciate. dana make it happen!
  16. List Randomizer There were 20 items in your list. Here they are in random order: Jolldan Decompoze Taylor_Schoner. Bubba_Sparks skillandpower amunera thestorm-1 Bwana Conceive-Believe Dark_Horse VertFTW Fred_Flink_S. Los_Polo_Herm. graham_240 LayDownDead BART-O-LINI JSW OzStraya juice64011 AndyWang im not even sure who's fighting on this next card, but its your turn to rise up @Jolldan study your tapes and do your extensive research. its time to make rando proud
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