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  1. im not sure, but isnt the sole job of the first sperm that gets there to hold the door open for the guy behind him? i really dont care to look that up but i know ive heard that somwhere.
  2. but if i had a chance to throw an egg at a cop with no repercussions, you know what? i would probably do it. i'd feel bad about it for a while afterwards, but fook it. it would make me feel young again. and it would just be a random egging to voice my displeasure towards the feminists after they changed the lyrics to our national anthem being sung at our hockey games, so i hope the cop wouldnt take it personal. i would buy him a beer afterwards. and besides, there aint too many times in my life i would ever get the opportunity to hurl a hard boiled egg at law enforcement without having to risk giving up my butthole in prison. they'd just have to take one for the team i guess. i dont care about george floyd, i'll egg them in the name of Oh Canada.
  3. i know one thing. this shit ain't happening in canada over here, our officers are probably getting politely bombarded with i'm sorries, and sincere apologies.
  4. at least by losing their series to montreal, because of the conditional trade with minnesota, the pens wont have to give up their 1st round draft pick to minnesota against their own will. they still have a shot at the lafreniere sweepstakes. minnesota also has a good chance of winning too after getting bounced by vancouver.
  5. i'm just glad he didnt take his shorts off again after announcing what kind of issues he's got going on downstairs this time
  6. that flying knee would have killed ben askren at least 4 times
  7. LMFAO "I have to go and take a chit"
  8. lmao derek lewis set up that bomb with 265 pounds of flying knee
  9. lol the black beast literally threw him to the ground
  10. theres no way this goes the distance
  11. it diidnt even take 10 seconds into the fight before weidcan started diving for ankles lol
  12. weidman was crotch sniffing for most of the fight. and lol at that arm triangle. that was worse than gsp's armbar on dan hardy. mind you dan hardy has limbs of steel, thats the only reason he didnt tap and throwing bombs from full mount? did he even try to throw a punch? i doubt it
  13. alright black beast. knock him out the box
  14. when gsp lands a takedown, he stays active and lands strikes and goes for submissions when the chris lands a takedown, he holds on for dear life waiting for the round to end. you cant even compare the two. one dude retired at the top after defeating every opponent he has ever faced, cleaning out a division and winning belts in two weight classes. the other should have retired 5 years ago
  15. not sure what version of the black beast we're gonna get, but hopefully not the one who fought ngannou
  16. these guys both suck. ship them to shark fights
  17. weidman has resorted to crotch sniffing
  18. if weidcan gets knocked out again, i wonder if his dad will get on the mic and tell him that he's adopted?
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