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  1. Prove it! Pic or it didn't happen.
  2. Usman is as exciting to watch as watching Usman.
  3. Fine. Maybe get Colby in there with Nate Diaz first.
  4. You tell me, do we really care if Conor does well or not? The Colby Era is here baby.
  5. If Conor got destroyed by an **** clown like Colby, it'd be devastating to his career, which is why I think it'd put some stakes on the fight as well as fire under his ****. Plus, they are both relatively well-witted when it comes to trash-talking. I can see this bringing out the old Conor. And also, I guarantee that if he does get destroyed, he will never, and i mean everrrrrr, walk the same way... againn.
  6. Way better than Lewis vs Dos Santos... which is enough for a PPV. nvm. It's on ESPN+
  7. He's 5'11. Only a 2 inch height difference. But Conor got 2 inches on him in reach. ????????????????????????
  8. Cus he's Colby of the MMA world. When he strikes, they say, "Colby!"
  9. They call him "White Mamba", cus he's Colby of the MMA world.
  10. Colby is the test tube baby of John Cena & Mark Wahlberg:
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