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  1. This needs bumped. Diaz via whatever the **** he wants.
  2. Hendricks, who was washed up long before 2017. Uriah Hall and 50 year old Romero. Yep, Costa had a real tough road to a title shot.
  3. Pretty sure the real Lord and savior wouldn't have the cardio of a manatee. Izzy has him swinging at ghosts until he goes into cardiac arrest.
  4. Conor got outboxed by Khabib and hasn't won in 3 years. It's doubtful he wants to get embarrassed again by someone with Izzy's striking.
  5. You should know first hand how much things can change in 21 years. Just look at Tennessee's football team.
  6. If both are juiced, I would be more excited for this than any fight UFC has put on this year. MMA legend Wanderlei Silva, who recently signed with Bare Knuckle FC, has called out long-time rival Vitor Belfort to a bare-knuckle fight. Speaking to AgFight.com, Silva said he badly wants to get his hands on Belfort. “Regarding Bare Knuckle, I was invited to make an appearance there. I was invited to watch (Antonio Bigfoot Silva’s) fight against (Gabriel Gonzaga). They have very interesting numbers. I think I finally found the perfect stage to solve all my sporting feuds. Only in the arm, only in the hand, in boxing without gloves,” Silva said (interview translated from its original Portuguese to English). I’ll launch the challenge I wanted to do there at Bare Knuckle. I sent an audio to one of the promoters, they are offering a hefty, awesome money, more than I’m earning. I told him I really wanted to fight, but with one guy in particular. I would accept to fight if it were with Vitor Belfort. In the dry hand, five rounds, two minutes, boxing alone. I want to see now if he is a man himself or if he will run. We found the right place to solve one of MMA’s oldest rivalries. ‘What’s up, Vitor? Are you going to run or run?’” Silva and Belfort first met back at UFC Brazil (UFC 17.5) in October 1998. Belfort blitzed Silva and knocked him out in 44 seconds in one of the greatest knockouts in UFC history. The pair then coached The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil in 2012 and were scheduled to meet at UFC 147. But Belfort pulled out with an injury and Silva ended up fighting Rich Franklin instead, losing a decision. Silva said in the interview he still has a contract with Bellator, but he believes he will be allowed to compete in bare knuckle on the side. As for Belfort, he recently signed with ONE Championship.
  7. Brock is still the top star in wrestling? Damn. You'd think they would have replaced him as that years ago.
  8. Would you rather me go off IGN or somebody else a publisher is paying? For ratings from people who are actually playing the game metacritic is about it. Not saying it's concrete, just saying the gamers were shredding it.
  9. That was just liberal butthurt though. Everybody could see through that rating.
  10. Werdum ended this cans career forever ago. Who cares.
  11. To be fair, all of metacritic is spreading that info too. I personally don't even play that ****.
  12. Microtransactions are fine as long as they aren't P2W. My buddy sent me a text yesterday saying the entire game was P2W and was ****ing about it, then I looked at metacritic and was like damn people are pissed lol. Even with P2W you gotta have skill though, you just progress faster. Guns don't mean **** if you can't shoot straight.
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