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  1. What are the spots for next week's events? Hotel, weigh ins, other PR?
  2. Undoubtedly the stupidest AV here. Well done.

  3. I don't understand, just opinions here
  4. matthawk2006


    tickets are sold on Ticketmaster UK, hop on there and read the event page. I do not think there is an age limit. How could they verify anyhow, right?
  5. Name is Matt Hawkins, from Virginia, USA. Currently working and training Muay Thai out of Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Favorite Fighters Heavy- Mark Hunt, Black Beast, and Miocic LightH- Gustaffson, and DC Middle- Rockhold, and Weidman Welter- Cerrone, Lawler, Woodley, Condit, Nelson and Maia Light- Poirier, Jim Miller, and Chiesa Feather- Holloway, Edgar, and Guida Bantam- TJ, and No Love Fly- DJ, and Ian McCall WFeather- Holly Holm WBantam- Cat Zingano, Ashley Evans-Smith, and Jessica Eye WStraw- JJ, JoJo, 12 Gauge, and Carla Esparza Favorite Fighters of All-Time Matt Hughes Chuck Liddell I am a McGreggor fan, however I don't care if the Money fight does or doesn't happen. I have been to 1 even. UFC 184, Rouseys 14 seconds lucky performance against Zingano. Run it back and we may of had #AndNew.. wishful thinking or not.. we will never know Being a TJ and No Love fan, I think the Faber/TJ beef should stay just that, I think Cody is using it to sell the fight.. and now with the injury, not sure how i feel about TJ and DJ.. like to see TJ do that when/If he gets the belt back.. Also didn't like Cody saying hes wants DJ first and making a deal about that on the MMAHour. Also feel like Jones and DC 2 is going to be a flop for DC. I like DC and feel like if this fight happened originally when it was suppose to happen, DC would of been #AndNew clean and clear.. his determination and mindset was on point prior to that. I feel like he would not of been denied.. especially after going 5 rounds with Bones in the 1st fight.. Jones should of never let a wrestler get into the Champ rounds let alone a full bout. Again.. wishful thinking.. if this fight happens this go around.. Jones wins I am going to Fight Night Glasgow in Mid-July, Anyone else? Hope to chat up a ton of MMA while I am here.
  6. I dont believe womens MMA is laughable, they train as hard and some fights are great, i think she will move up in weight and will be undefeated at Strawweight. noone is at her level.
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