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  1. Honestly its absolutely laughable that this happened, seems Khabib wants that money and Dana needs to sell a huge fight to pay him enough. "Khabib doesn't want to hold up the division" oook, then why has he not given up the belt? Or scheduled a fight? That is exactly what he is doing right now Khabib should really fight Charles the same time Conor is fighting Dustin, because Charles is already #1 and deserves his shot before McGregor or Dustin
  2. Ortega has had 1 fight and 1 win since his absolute hammering against Max, bit of an odd fight this
  3. Some of these are absolute gold 😂
  4. The funny part is, anyone who says they hate him, will absolutely tune in to watch him fight, his fights are without a doubt the biggest spectacles in all of MMA. I love him as a fighter, hate him as a person, will absolutely watch him every time he fights. I think Dustin will get starched but if he does end up against Chucky he will have a rough rough night
  5. "In a statement provided to MMA Fighting, the UFC said it was aware of the situation after Rivera’s management, Dominance MMA, made promotion officials aware of potential “mental health issues.” Yeah that really does not look great for the Terrorist Ali Abdelaziz
  6. McGregor will beat Dustin and be stomped by Chuckie
  7. Literally a fight 0 people care about
  8. We all just tuning into watch his downfall at this stage, and its kinda sad, but its not new that hes an absolute head case, he has been since day 1, he is now just losing alot more fights
  9. 100% the card will be the best selling of the year, if he only fights once. Ireland and the UK are going to be in lockdown for it, most of Europe will be, so there will be good numbers of purchases over here too for it. We are in full lockdown until the 31st of Jan, I would say easily 1m+
  10. Lot of talk from a guy who has ducked on 2 occasions now, Covid or no Covid, he should have kept himself away from people Laugh if its a USADA was the reason
  11. I think Kattar can consider himself very lucky to be fighting Holloway, if Holloway loses that fight he will never get another title fight at Featherweight, Kattar is barely top 10 potential, never a title challenger, very similar to Dan Hooker, can smash all the low top 10 fighters, but once he enters that top 5 he gets smashed
  12. Tate vs Holm Hamil vs Jones Nate vs Connor 1
  13. Jesus Tony really would have not matched up well against Khabib, Lightweight is such an odd division
  14. Honestly, I did think I watched this ****, but I have absolutely no idea who Devin Clark is....
  15. Literally no one apart from you wants to see Khabib vs a 39/40 year old GSP, get over it, the Canadian was finished in MMA in 2013 and only fought Bisping because it was a guaranteed title fight against someone who would do anything to avoid any real competition
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