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  1. Not a single finish on the main card, wow
  2. I hope Yan doesn't give him the fight, he doesn't deserve it at all and will use it win or lose to increase his bull**** stock
  3. When you starting the Go Fund Me to get GSP's balls removed from your mouth? Id donate better than McGregor didn't
  4. Fight is on, Conor signed the bout, 10th July, guessing all this is just bull**** to sell some tickets, clearly need to have some fake bad blood this time
  5. McGregor does have a point when it comes to his donation tbf, nearly all Charity's send you an exact "What your money will be spent on" list when you agree to a donation, I work with a few with the company I work with and its general practice, maybe its different in the states? Its to avoid Charity corruption and to stop them just paying themselves with Charity funds, If Dustin didn't send that straight away and wanted to "Talk with McGregors people" then why would McGregor even think about donating to his cause. Anyway, McGregor has all the power here sadly, Dustin openly gave up the title shot for the red panty night shot, he hasn't a leg to stand on here
  6. Mike Perry should quit MMA, should go on some reality TV show or something, because he can't fight for ****
  7. Askren was a dominant title holder in Bellator before going to One FC, not a straight route but was Bellator champion, failed HARD in the UFC Hector Lombard was a Bellator Champion, he was **** Lyman good was also a title holder in Bellator, **** But sure, Alvarez won a belt, was then laughed out of the UFC, Chandler is gifted an undeserved title shot after beating a fighter no where near a title shot
  8. I can't take anyone who comes from Bellator seriously since Will Brooks, he soured me towards fighters moving, this is a guy who stomped Bellator including Chandler twice and then went onto struggle against unranked UFC fighters, Nik Lentz lads, Nik ****ing Lentz.... You never really see how bad Bellator's roster is until they move to the UFC, and the majority of them who have dominated in Bellator struggle to repeat anything close to that in the UFC
  9. Your aware one guys he lost to joined the UFC and was already released after back to back losses?
  10. No he really can't, very average fighter who struggled in Cage Warriors over the past few years, also got out grappled by Stevie ****ing Ray
  11. Reebok is a company that makes over a billion a year, Venum is a company that would be lucky to make more than 100m, 2 completely different leagues Venum is getting the sweat deal with UFC, UFC was the one getting a deal with Reebok, shows how far UFC has fallen
  12. #7 UFC 251 – Usman vs Masividal 2020 (1.3 million buys) Just facts really, not my fault people were dumb enough to pay for a card with Usman
  13. Its a mixture of money and being a puss, Jones wants a massive payday to get a fight he may really get smashed in, Dana doesn't want to pay him mega bucks considering the amount of times Jones let him down and the high likelyness Jones dopes for the fight, lets be real, he won't win without it Jones has never really been a huge PPV guy, 0 of his fights are in the top 10 of all time, Rousey, Masvidal and Diaz, Usman, Lesner and obviously McGregor make up the top 10 mostly. PPV makes the UFC money, not epic fights really As much as I would love to see the fight, I cannot blame the UFC for not paying Jones considering how many times he has let them down
  14. Listening to the commentators suck off O'Malley was the worst part of the event, he was fighting a guy on a 3 fight losing streak and 1-4 in his last 5, now 1-5. Not exactly fighting someone who was competent and also someone who has been knocked out a few times already. O' Malley will lose to any high level fighter, and no one will change my mind
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