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  1. There is no doubt its Khabib, how ever boring his style may be, hes 29-0 and has beaten some of the best, my only wish was to see him face Tony though
  2. Justin looked like he gassed in 1 minute of round 1, kinda glad Khabib is finished, UFC might become interesting again
  3. All he could do was beat nobodies in the UFC, as soon as it came to anyone in the top 5 he was laughed at, good move for him, but not bad for the UFC either because he was never going to be a big star
  4. If Darren Till was a better fighter, I have no doubt he would be absolutely huge for the UFC, he has the banter
  5. Jesus, that was really cringy from Costa, he got smashed after talking ****, and then gives out when the person he talked **** to, talked some **** after smashing him
  6. Costa was always another Walker in my eyes, all the talk but when it came to fighting someone with serious quality, they will always fall on their face
  7. I mean, Justin got KO'd by Eddie Alvarez..... so....
  8. Its difficult to throw wild strikes like they both do against someone who actually understands striking including distance and counter striking. Very much similar to Prime Silva, who just had his opponents **** themselves when they threw anything
  9. I don't know about that, you can't tell me a guy who has fought 2 complete freaks in Yoel and Costa is going to get beat again by another freak in Jared, I think his only real competition will come against a real wrestler. Because we still have not seen him on his back
  10. Seems Reyes and Costa had the same gameplan, not fight and wait on your opponent, then get knocked the **** out, idiots, Izzy is without a doubt the best striker in the UFC
  11. Imagine thinking a brute like Costa could beat a true precision fighter like Adesanya. Made it look absolutely easy, Costa trying to call Izzy on with smack talk as Izzy is constantly landing and Costa is holding back
  12. Can Tyron retire already? 38 and his last win was in 2018. Colby calling out Usman is funny, he got absolutely smashed by him already.
  13. Can we get this guy against someone with a bit of skill already? I ain't saying hes **** or not the real deal or anything, I just want to see how good he actually is, its about time the UFC signs someone who actually can back up their promotion of them.
  14. Seriously, how can anyone think O Malley deserves a rematch? He was shown to have no damage in an X Ray, he clearly had tendon or nerve damage during the fight which can only really happen from a kick as he is not running I said Vera would beat him, it was quite obvious O Malley was fighting out of his depth, this loss looks better for him that it should too
  15. I never said he would win over there? But the standard is just lower than the UFC, its not debatable
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