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    Based on how bad your question is wrote, I expect to see you on LadBible in the near future
  2. McGregor is stuck in Lockdown here in Ireland, we cannot leave the country, stop posting dumb chit
  3. I agree the Corona is a decent reason, but in fairness, why on earth did he go back to Russia knowing he should have stayed in the US to ensure the fight happened? Just seems like he really wasnt bothered with the fight and was worried more about his family, twat
  4. Well my doctor says I have it, and is treating it as such, but cannot test due to a lack of tests being available, and if I don't have it, I must have got ****ing AIDS at some point, cause I have been dead for near 2 ****ing weeks
  5. Croke park is currently a drive thru testing facility for Covid-19
  6. Conor can't leave Ireland, were in lockdown atm with only people being allowed return home via airports, not go to other countries for other reasons
  7. I have no doubt in my mind the numbers of actual cases are far far far far higher than being told In the UK and Ireland the lack of testing is crazy, they are literally only testing people who are admitted to hospital or have money to burn My Missus' symptoms started Friday the 20th, she started with the usual flu stuff, Headache, pain behind the eyes and sinus pain, body aches and a sore throat, she rang her GP on the following Monday as they closed over the weekend and was told to she would be getting a test and needed to self isolate for 2 weeks. I was fine up until the Tuesday, then it hit me like a shotgun, Headache, Pain behind the eyes, sore throat, cough, inability to take a deep breath without coughing. Luckily I was smart enough not to go anywhere from the Friday just incase the missus had it, even though her doctor told me I was fine to go to work on the Monday knowing we live together and it could spread the virus if she had it. My boss in work told me not to come in and to take the week off on Monday as a result of her having symptoms. Wednesday, the GP texts my missus and tells her all tests are cancelled due to the latest Guidelines of the WHO, I ring the doctor the same day to tell them I have now got it, explaining my symptoms which by that point included no taste and no smell. They concluded immediately I had the Corona virus as I met the criteria of Fever, Shortness of breath and lack of taste and smell but said they would not be testing me or my missus as we are not unable to breath and in hospital. We were ordered to take 2 weeks in self isolation and that if we couldn't breath to ring an ambulance and that was it. Its now Friday, I think, cant even remember the days anymore and the MIssus feels a good bit better, and I can kinda breath better but I still feel like ****. The whole point I am trying to make is that while the worldwide declared cases are half a million right now, if you actually take possible cases which will never be tested into consideration, You are easily looking into the 10's of millions that have it right now, could be even far far far far higher, there are 4 people I know of that more than likely have it but will not be tested, and thats just in a tiny 1 mile radius in Ireland
  8. Ireland ran out of tests or some ****, the WHO changed the criteria for getting tested, I meet all the criteria but because I ain't basically dead or work in the HSE (Our national health service) I was just told to self isolate for 2 weeks and if it gets to the point where I cannot breath, to ring an ambulance, same for the missus. I would be surprised if I didn't have it, I currently have the worse flu I have ever had, and was absolutely fine on Monday. The missus has had it since Friday
  9. Me and the missus both waiting on tests, she works in a pharmacy and noticed the symptoms first, now I have them, we have to wait 3-5 days to even get a test then another 3-5 days for the results, Wouldn't wish this **** on anyone
  10. Do you not even feel a slight embarrassment about taking a daily load from GSP's balls straight into your mouth and showing it to everyone on this forum? Like seriously, your infatuation with GSP is beyond sad
  11. Backlog? I think the loss of cards will be good for the UFC, so many **** events, so many poor cards, maybe this will mean we get at least 2 watchable fights a card instead of maybe 1
  12. Tests can take like 3 days to get results, by the time they get the results, they could have it without knowing, in all honesty, everyone will get it, what countries are trying to do atm is simply maintain the levels of how many people have it at once so their health care systems don't crumble, but in doing this their economys will
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