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  1. I honestly though Conor was being setup to fight Masvidal, but that seemed to have gone cold, honestly no better time to get that Diaz Trilogy either but I don't see it happening. If Khabib's Dad doesn't make it, have Conor fight Justin, you can all say you don't think Conor deserves a fight, he doesn't, but we all tune in during his fights regardless, numbers don't lie
  2. Usman takes McGregor down and plays with him for 5 rounds, simple
  3. Id say the problem with the clear top 3 GOATS is any of them could test positive, GSP ran from the UFC as soon as USADA came in, rather he ment to or not, he did, so we will never know with him, the other 2 were just found out.
  4. I suppose, I guess I am just hating on Silva for how his run ended, and how bad his juicing was and could have been during his run, Jones is tainted too but you cant compare a few picograms to what was found in Silva
  5. Conor will never and was never a GOAT, but neither is Khabib, name 1 fighter Khabib has beaten that could even be in the GOAT discussion? End of debate When your talking about a GOAT, you need to talk about someone who has beaten potential GOAT's, and Jon and GSP are the only 2 in that discussion. Silva misses out as no one he beat was really near being a GOAT, Jon beat DC, GSP beat Matt Hughes
  6. Would rather watch paint dry if I am honest, Benavidez got smashed in the first fight which is not even long enough ago to warrant a rematch, just scrap the division
  7. Why does everyone who comes out of Dagestan look the exact same, honestly every single one of them looks like a good Friday night is finding a goat with an open hole He won't be the champ of nothing, more than likely the Corona will kill him before he even makes his debut, the death rate in Dagestan from it at the moment his huge, they are calling it a catastrophe
  8. Sorry but Vera clearly won that fight, absolutely terrible decision, Feel kinda bad for Walt, all he went through, UFC using it to sell his fight, and he was **** bar a lucky punch in the first.
  9. Can Matt Brown just retire now, he looks like a drunk everytime he fights
  10. Honestly my favorite Memory is a random prelim fight that came out of no where, Polo Reyes vs Dong Hyun Ma at UFC 199, same card also had Luck Rockhold getting his mouth shut in a beautiful way, can't forget the Holloway stand in the middle and bang in the last 10 seconds vs Lamas, just such great memories from a card that was supposed to fall apart
  11. stehilton94

    Jones vs Ngannou

    I think Jones is the GOAT, but honestly Francis knocks him out, its just a different animal, the weight, height and reach advantage would be far far too much for ANY LHW to handle
  12. https://www.essentiallysports.com/ufc-news-reports-khabib-nurmagomedov-fathers-heart-attack-caused-due-to-coronavirus/ https://www.mmamania.com/2020/5/15/21260419/report-abdulmanap-nurmagomedov-suffered-heart-attack-covid-19-infection-khabib-mma-ufc-russia-coma https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2020/5/15/21260140/khabib-nurmagomedov-father-suffered-heart-attack-coronavirus-mma-news
  13. Khabibs dad had a Heart attack brought on by Covid - 19
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