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  1. Either that or record rates of divorce. My money is in the latter.
  2. Well that’s significantly better than being a bunch of idiot middle eastern groupies, so I’d concur that the Dutch nationals are in fairly good hands then? It’s interesting the varying approaches the different countries are taking. The two poles from Singapore to Denmark. It’s a gamble for certain with outcomes to be determined. Scary chit.
  3. Why does there have to be a problem? Lol
  4. Not too much. Staying housebound like most. How things on your end?
  5. I checked it out way back in the day when members here would all get together to troll other MMA sites in droves. It was a nuthouse back then. Don’t imagine it’s gotten any better.
  6. Pfft. I’ve never been on that cesspool site.
  7. Yeah, it only took a global pandemic, but here I am. Lol
  8. On a serious note, how are you feeling about our government’s approach. Things in BC are pretty stark right now. All good in your world?
  9. I was thinking of y’all and wanted to stop in to wish sustained good heath; physical, mental and emotional to all of you irrespective of where you live during these unprecedented trying times. I hope you and all your loved ones are faring well, all things considered. Be well and stay safe everyone.
  10. Did I read right that NL is taking the approach of herd immunity?
  11. Still drunk? The world is ending so might as well...
  12. I was here. Then I left. Now I’m back. Good?
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