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  1. And if that ain’t what one looks for in a potential leader of the free world then I don’t know what is?! Good grief eh? 😐
  2. Are you SERIOUS?! 👀 (You legit think he’ll make it to supper time?) 🤣
  3. Does anyone in here actually think Biden is capable of staying awake late enough to see the conclusion of the election on the night of the vote? Just testing out the temperature in the room, as it were. Lol
  4. I FINALLY have something on-topic to add to this thread. I played my first Xbox One S game, Trivial Pursuit. It was an absolutely thrilling and exhilarating experience. The graphics were top notch. The disco funk soundtrack added exponentially to the experience. I even won the game against a computer generated guy named Skip who had to measure at least 7 feet tall and was dressed as a chef, complete with a brooding personality I managed to elicit when I destroyed him. (I know, I know...GTFO and go back to the Speak Your Mind thread where I belong....BEG, out.)
  5. Stomp!!! Good ole Stomp. Knew I could count on you still being here. In reference to your post, I can always count on a visit to these here parts to throw me straight into an identity crisis of the gender bending variety. But for now...still female. I can be persuaded though, I’m fairly open minded. How have you been?! Nice to see ya!
  6. Lmfao! Is he still around at least? Resurrected? I need a reason to believe. I haven’t been up to too much; ducking and diving up here tryin’ to outwit, outsmart and outlast the ‘Rona. Our region is back in the Red Zone which is a quasi-lockdown situation AGAIN. Measures are not as extreme as the last one but enough restrictions to drive one ape****. Everyone other than essential workers are working from home yet kids can go to school. It’s a patchwork cluster**** IMO with crazy flawed logic being applied even if you take into account the science. They are reporting that the late teen/young adult demographic are the superspreaders so they closed all the bars, restaurants (save for take out and drive through), and other social gathering spaces. They just have to figure out how to stop them from casual sex and I think they will have cracked the code. Good luck with that though. Lol Like I said...complete cluster**** approach. Oh Canada. How’s things in your world?
  7. Seriously though; Where did everybody go?!? I mean HOW many forum bets could have possibly been lost to effectively eradicate an entire fora?! I’m shook.
  8. Trump will probably pull the win. Any other news?
  9. This place is so deserted I can hear the echo when I type. Craziness. 👀
  10. Either that or record rates of divorce. My money is in the latter.
  11. Well that’s significantly better than being a bunch of idiot middle eastern groupies, so I’d concur that the Dutch nationals are in fairly good hands then? It’s interesting the varying approaches the different countries are taking. The two poles from Singapore to Denmark. It’s a gamble for certain with outcomes to be determined. Scary chit.
  12. Why does there have to be a problem? Lol
  13. Not too much. Staying housebound like most. How things on your end?
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