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  1. Sorry if this has been posted already, I did a search and didn't see it anywhere. Anyways, here's a link to an article with a cool video of Joe Rogan kicking the UFC PowerKube multiple times at the UFC Performance Institute and recording a significantly more powerful shot than UFC Heavyweight contender Francis Ngannou's record-setting punches. Check out the video, as well as an old-school video of Joe Rogan amazing Georges St-Pierre while teaching him the turning side-kick years ago in the gym here: http://www.mmanews.com/video-joe-rogans-kick-is-stronger-than-francis-ngannous-punch/
  2. Ronda Rousey appeared on ESPN today to promote her WWE in-ring debut at next month's WrestleMania 34 pay-per-view. During her interview, she was asked if she thinks Floyd Mayweather would ever really make the transition from boxing to fighting in MMA, and if he did, how she thinks he would do. “That’ll never happen. That will never happen,” Rousey told ESPN on Tusday. “It’s all talk," she added. "Different strokes for different folks but I don’t think he’d do well in MMA at all,” Rousey said about Mayweather's chances if he were to fight inside the Octagon. Full article and video of the Ronda Rousey interview on ESPN: http://www.mmanews.com/ronda-rousey-doesnt-buy-floyd-mayweather-fighting-in-the-ufc-its-all-talk/
  3. Former UFC Heavyweight Champion, multiple-time King of Pancrase and PRIDE announcer Bas Rutten spoke with MMANews.com's Fernando Quiles Jr. over the weekend. During the interview, "El Guapo" gave his breakdown of the rematch between "Thug" Rose Namajunas and former champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk for the UFC Women's Strawweight Championship. “That’s gonna be very hard," said Rutten. "Rose and Joanna I think is gonna be a different fight. I think Jedrzejczyk now really knows that she has to watch out. I think it’s gonna be much more competitive. I didn’t expect that Rose was unbelievable (with her timing in the first fight). The way she landed that left hook, that gave her a little boost. She’s the champ now she wants to stay the champ of course so that’s gonna make her stronger. But then of course, Jedrzejczyk wants her title back and she’s an animal so I wonder what this fight is going to do. I think Jedrzejczyk learned to stomp out the trash talking a little bit. Focus on the fight, that’s why I never trash talked because you bring all this pressure on yourself.” Bas also broke down the UFC Lightweight Championship bout between interim champion Tony Ferguson and 25-0 killer Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 223. Check out his breakdown on that fight at http://www.mmanews.com/bas-rutten-breaks-down-ufc-223s-two-title-fights-exclusive/
  4. Shocking fight where Drew Chatman gets disqualified for doing a front flip off of his opponents unconscious back after knocking him out. Check out the full story, complete with video of the shocking incident here: http://www.mmanews.com/drew-chatman-explains-flip-off-opponent/
  5. Oh you wrote both of these (I saw two I wanted to reply to, didn't know it was by the same user or would of just posted it all in one. Anyways, it's awesome to see you again buddy. How is the forum here? We don't have one anymore, we're leaning more towards social media and Disqus directly underneath the articles for interactivity.
  6. Because all of the links (they posted several tweets each) were combined into one that way. It also told the whole story of their rivalry, figured it was a good quick place to get the whole sha-bang. Wasn't JUST trying to plug my website, although it was a nice bonus. I've posted links to BloodyElbow here as well and I have nothing to do with that website. Wherever I happen to find the best article for a story, that's what I share, plain and simple!
  7. Gotta admit, I didn't expect Volkov to beat Werdum, certainly not by knockout. The last guy who did that won a shiny gold belt, one which he still has, by the way. Good things ahead for Volkov in UFC's wide-open Heavyweight division.
  8. WOW. If you haven't been following the Twitter War between Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold the last 2 days where they are absolutely TRASHING each other about a contract for a potential rubber-match against each other, then YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Catch up on it ... http://www.mmanews.com/michael-bisping-luke-rockhold-continue-heated-war-of-words-over-potential-trilogy/
  9. MattBoone1984

    Ufc 226

    They've got Mighty Mouse and Cejudo next, Amanda Nunes and Raquel Pennington, etc. I LOVE the Holloway-Ortega fight and depending on Holloway's foot injury, time-wise, UFC 226 would be perfect for both guys. D.C.-Stipe on top is huge and I'm sure they'll throw a third big fight on there, probably a women's title fight of some kind. International Fight Week is shaping up well for 2018!
  10. Seems like a very fair assessment. The MMA trolls will have a FIELD DAY with the GIFS and Twitter posts leading up to his fights and whatnot, but he seems like a very athletic, in-shape dude with a strong mind and great fight-people around him. That has to lead to some kind of potential in the fight game, I would THINK. I guess we'll find out!
  11. I like that you said "for now," because that's very true. Money talks and it wouldn't shock me one bit if UFC lured her back for another one-off big fight at some point down the line.
  12. I REALLY hope he doesn't come back. Obviously I'd watch, and even be excited, to see him and Chael Sonnen having a rivalry leading into a fight, or Tito again, in Bellator MMA, but for his health sake I hope he stays retired.
  13. You don't think he'll beat Volkov? C'monnn!! lol. I think he'll get the "W," although I will admit Volkov is a beast. Looking forward to the Blachowicz-Manuwa fight, too.
  14. Danaher is a UNIQUE personality, ain't he?? lol. Definitely made for a good podcast, though. Bas has been on 1,000 times and the Rickson (and the one with his son, Kron Gracie). I LOVE that he added an actual weekly MMA podcast. I get bored with the random scientists and conspiracy theorists, etc. on the show every week lol (sometimes those shows are cool though, too)
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