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  1. I also tried betting on sports once to get some extra cash. But I failed. If I need some extra cash I always can take a loan here and tried one more time. Luckily they give loans for everyone. Hope the lady luck will be on my side.
  2. Just started watching Chernobyl. Liking it a lot so far.
  3. Just finished watching Split. Certainly.. weird and interesting, with some upsetting moments I knew it was about split personalities but the way colleagues joked about it I thought it would be more light hearted. I thought James mcAvoy was brilliant at portraying the different characters
  4. she's so hot, cool. I also like to watch videos with hot chicks in lockdown. I found website with free hot videos on tube100.me that are available without registration. As for me in the current situation it's the beat way to relax and get rid of stress. PS. Esp I like videos with Asian girls.
  5. Rise of Skywalker - 9/10 I liked the saga, some films were just disappointing but I enjoyed the universe it creates. This film was predictable, plot holes but I loved it. Fun throughout and lots of throwbacks. Looking forward to watching it again
  6. me too. I use double vpn from https://veepn.com/ every dat to protect my privacy and have access to the blocked content. It's probably the easiest way to bypass all restrictions. Plus it doesn't cost much.
  7. that's too risky. If I need some extra cash I prefer to take short term loans. I have found one reliable service theguaranteedloans that offers loans even students and unemployed. With their help I've finally paid off all my debts. That's really convy.
  8. Rise of Skywalker 5/10 Looks pretty, but the plot was one long chase the mcguffin for two and a half hours with characters you just don't care about. Poor.
  9. that's great! I'm a huge sports fan, esp I love basketball and tennis. I found all tennis results on xscores.com/tennis online. I can click on any flag to open a new window with the tennis games of the selected country only. I try to follow all latest news and watch all games of my fav teams.
  10. Talking of bleak films, I just watched Threads for the first time. Jeezo. Makes The Road seem like Carry On Camping.
  11. Was interesting to know! I'm planning a trip to Italy this summer. I've already found info about best walkietalkies here and even ordered a few for me and my friends. We love outdoor activities and bluetooth walkietalkies are useul tool for such trips.
  12. Finally got around to watching Roma on Netflix last night. I had a pang of emotion throughout the final third (as much as I could since the events were pretty much foreshadowed on the side of a freight train), but tbh I was more connected/intrigued by the over the top cinematography and wide tracking shots than anything going on in the thread bare plot. There wasn't enough substance for me to become immersed as what the critics and cheerleaders of the film have reported. Technical rating of 8/10. Enjoyment rating of about 5/10.
  13. Like betting too from time to time. I often play online slots canada real money to improve my gambling skills. Hope the lady luck will be on my side one day and I'll win a jackpot.
  14. Sweetheart 6/10 Horror movie set on a desert island. Started really well, very creepy, lots of tension. Unfortunately descended into a typical monster movie. Worth a watch though.
  15. Tnx for the info! I try to follow the latest new too. I always read crypto options of specialists from Cipher Technologies as they have years of combined trading experience spanning digital assets and global macro markets. Want to start investing in crypto in the near future.
  16. The Dark Knight (Blu-ray). First viewing for me, I picked it up to watch as a warm up for The Joker which I hope to see at the weekend. Looks & sounds great with good pacing, an engaging plot and some very good scenes. It could have been darker/grittier but I enjoyed it.
  17. I read that Bitcoin is up more than 100% from its low point a few months back and since the beginning of April has smashed through a huge number of key levels. I started investing in crypto a few years ago, at that time it was the right decision
  18. Escape Room - 7/10 Combines the concept behind the Cube and Saw movies, but without much gore. Watchable if not ground breaking. Could have done without the last 5 mins or so completely exposing the organisation behind the "games" and their processes.
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