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  1. I'm a Conor fan, but fookin christ, give it a rest m8.
  2. f00kin

    Suspend Khabib

    I tought I was already him?
  3. Mental health is no fookin joke. Here's hoping Max got the help he needs.
  4. Now we have to wait fookin 11 days for the rematch?! What da fook.
  5. As soon as Conor started his walk out, I knew something wasn't right. He didn't have the same look or swagger to him. Now, that may not mean anything at all, but it is what it is. As others have pointed out, his footwork wasn't nearly the same, which trickled down to everything else. Is he done? Was it the two year lay off? Time will tell. Khabib was obviously the better man Saturday night and congratulations to him & his fans. Rogan's podcast interview with Kavanagh is a good one if you haven't seen/heard it yet. It certainly doesn't sound like Conor is going anywhere. I'm interested to see him fight again, now that he has one under his belt after such a long lay off. Does he deserve a rematch? Eh, that's not for me to decide. I'd personally like to see him have a "tune up" before hand (if it happens), but I doubt that happens as well.
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