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  1. Received a email today. They said they were having problems and they included my ppv code in the email. Hopefully everyone got their codes!
  2. Seems like we won't get any help today but if anyone gets a response by monday please post here and Ill do the same.
  3. Nope. PPV just started. I guess ill just have to wait till the next PPV.
  4. Just log in into your account and click on the PPV tab.
  5. Do they read these forums?
  6. Did this just happened today? Has anyone contacted customer service? I just noticed it a few hours ago.
  7. Ive sent them a message on all of their social media.. I hope to hear something back before the PPv starts... Aggravating
  8. please help. Im trying to get some sort of customer service. I joined fight club and I had 1 more PPV code to use and they are not showing up on my account! I want to use it for tonights PPV. Please help! Does anyone know if these codes expire? I had them since May.
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