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  1. Hello guys, please help me! I am from Czech Republic (Europe) and I want to attend an UFC event physically for the first time. Since I am not experienced in buying tickets online (neither in the usuall price for such an event, as UFC 229), I googled "tickets for UFC 229" right after the fight announcement. The first site that popped up was a "viagogo". It seemed very serious and "non-fake". Unfortunately, I haven't read the reviews before and because it looked honest to me (like booking.com, etc.), I bought 2 tickets for UFC 229 for almost 2.600 USD. Right after I bought it, I found out that the site is a little scam and that the tickets are usually overpriced as f**k... Do you have any experience with this site regarding an ufc events? The thing is - I am "ok" with the fact that I have paid propably much more, that was necessary. The issue is, that I am not sure, whether the tickets will even arrive and whether they will be authentic and for the actual paid seats. I don't want to book a flight, hotels, etc. and then find out that the tickets are invalid (or that they haven't arrived at all). Do you guys have any experience? My plan is to buy 2 official tickets from the pre-sale as well (that is why I have bought this membership) and the hope, that these 2 tickets from that scam site are valid and hopefully sell them before the T-mobile arena / on the internet right before the event. What do you think, guys? Do you have any experience? Thank you a lot! Jakub from Czech
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