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  1. UFC 229 will be my very first live event, I'm getting there about 1 on thursday.i heard weigh ins are usually at 3 on Friday, for those who have gone before, what is there to do before fight day? Meeting fighters etc. Thanks alot!
  2. Akeller901

    UFC 229 presale

    Aye **** how'd those boots workout for ya? Good? I'm glad picked up 4 tickets for $205 each..... Better teach your bots to be a little faster
  3. Did I? Fun nny because quick Google search and you can see that the law was passed in December 2016... Largly in part to UFC 205. Also a Google search can tell you that after maywesther McGregor, they are going to be very very dilligent about ticket bots, UFC 229 biatch.
  4. Actually I do, bots won't work this time, there illegal and they're doing a. New protocol on this fight to stop them????????
  5. Jesus "my bot" STFU you don't even know what your saying
  6. Def get the resellers out rn,presolae prices will be close to them anyway
  7. Damn this fourm is almost no help someone times guys love to troll. The weigh ins are free, just show up an hour or half an hour early to get a good spot. The weigh ins are completely free, u may have the show your fight ticket if it's too crowded because it is Mcgregor, butits free
  8. Bro your trolling sucks, your just trying to make these first time buyers on edge and doubtful about buyinh
  9. Bro STFU you've been on this same **** all week, we all know your bum **** dosent have the money to buy all these and you sure as hell don't have bots????????
  10. Akeller901

    UFC 229 presale

    How much would you resale them to me for?
  11. So will me getting cheap bad seats make it more likely to get them??
  12. Akeller901

    UFC 229 presale

    And I'm supposed to trust you with my credit card??????????
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