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  1. This thread gives me a Soup headache.
  2. You'll need new rules, it appears Rando has a malware problem...and does wtf he wants, fuggin Canadian bots.
  3. I think your Canadian brother should drive over to your house, and take a sledge hammer to Rando's azz...then remove all booze from your house on the way out. I'm holding onto the almighty 7th place with all my might, no mofo guna snatch my shine because because you got Flint Stoned.
  4. I want to pick every fight for every card, or main event + featured prelim fight....add that to the poll King.
  5. @-idyb- could you tell us how you really feel ?, and quit sugar coating it for us.
  6. Nah, largest confiscated hooch plant on record in County....sent the full SWAT team in, they took hero pictures and everything lol. I walked away from the ordeal scott free, but it cost me a lot of money to do so. I have pictures of it somewhere, her sister next to her was a dinky 11' 2'' ....that's when I decided to move to a farm out of state for my cultivation obsession. EDIT: To the best of my knowledge the record hasn't been broken, but I'm not calling the police to check.
  7. I held the record for a 12' 6" hybrid Indica in a major county here for a while.
  8. Cruz just jumped from the Trump last night ship too, he doesn't stand a chance. It will be interesting to see what direction the GOP goes after Trump's departure, back to true conservationism or Trumpism.
  9. That wouldn't be the case with a large majority of the Trump base, if they have to choose between Pence or Romney in 2024....Pence wins easily.
  10. I have a large horticultural collection to display, that would take a while to post.
  11. I could only surmise that Pence has future political aspirations, and would want to retain Trump's base for votes. Pence had no choice in the electoral count, his power wouldn't allow what Trump wanted him to do.
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