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  1. OMG, this schmuck never shows up at training camp or what ?...may as well move to LHW 205
  2. -idby-: Who's on first ? Decompoze: What ? -idby-: no, What is on 2nd. Decompoze: I don't know -idby-: No, I don't know is on 3rd Decompoze: Who ? -idby: No, Who is on 1st
  3. Are you drunk, trying to converse with a drunk ?...what the matter with you boy ?
  4. So 13, 260 people agreed with Puppy leave, I'll bet the number would have been higher if they polled new kittens. Say stupid chiit below
  5. That's what it looks like to get butt fugged with a tomahawk for 4:51
  6. Next thing you know, we'll find out that @Decompoze is really playing street hockey, with one of those plastic balls and teenage girls.....geeezzzuuusss
  7. What a year I tell ya; 1) Sober is dead 2) Freddie is alive 3) Juice is possibly gay 4) Zerkbot gets 4,300 likes a month with 12 active members(do the math on that for each member). It's a crazy time to be alive.
  8. Who'd have thunk huh ?, being a fellow hunter and outdoorsman I never suspected....glad I didn't offer to go camping with him.
  9. I care about the police, I sub-contracted for them for about 10 years.
  10. That's actually very disappointing, I didn't think Juice swung the butt pirate thang......dammmmmm
  11. There are just too many other great knife makers available today, to be restricted to models/brands asking far too much for their product. With the new steels and increased tolerances in builds today, quality knives have come way down in price. I have quite a few customs, but the production models being marketed now rival them at a much lower cost. Although I do have a Custom Todd Begg Bodega, carbon fiber with G10 inlay, that's impeccable build and top shelf flipper.
  12. Obviously you let Sober fudge pack you before his car fire, the rest of us are straight(except for a couple possible exceptions).
  13. It won't be a riot, it will be a blood bath when the BLM crew stomp into Crackerville with ballbats, crowbars, and guns to take their hard earned chiit and money...and the white boys break out their weapons and drop them in the street, then go back to watching Netflix and ESPN.
  14. By civil war I wasn't referring to the police, I was stating the gangs and crime element will unleash it's fury on stores and innocent people with money...then the civil war/anarchy/vigilantism will begin.
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