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  1. @Decompoze I'm going to Rando all of Rando's picks, then average them with Los_Polo's choices....then throw the fear of death into the Alpha's. I love you man, but you need your azz kicked badly.....that is all.
  2. Per Dana: Official card Main Card: Jessica Eye vs Cynthia Calvillo (Women's FLW) Marvin Vettori vs Karl Roberson (MW) Merab Dvalishvili vs Ray Borg (BW) Andre Fili vs Charles Jourdain (FW) Jordan Espinosa vs Mark De La Rosa (BW) Prelims: Mariya Agapova vs Melissa Gatto (Women's FLW) Charles Rosa vs Kevin Aguilar (FW) Julia Avila vs Gina Mazany (Women's BW) Ryan Benoit vs Tyson Nam (FLW) Jordan Griffin vs Darrick Minner (FW)
  3. We're the one's with our finger on the trigger, and didn't flinch when the Rashid tried to stare us down.
  4. I'm looking at adding another CZ, probably a 75D PCR
  5. You're a dooch, I've never made 1 post insulting atheists or agnostics...we all have the right to choose our path in life. As Jesus said: "All are welcome into heaven that ask forgiveness from the Lord, except thou Ole' twat crybaby CB....for he awaits the wrath of my anger from @sobercuban the guardian angel of the fora." It has been spoken, fugg off and don't @ me....Cash was right, you aren't worth the key strokes.
  6. This country was founded on freedom of religion, if you don't like it leave Ole' man....and I'm not a fanatic Mr.Cry Baby.
  7. I only kneel before God, and beg no one.....unreal
  8. Sig Sauer P226 with 1 extra magazine.
  9. If they start a civil revolution, this won't go well for them....the shooting will start and #BLM will lose a bunch of members.
  10. There will be riots in the streets, people will die no doubt. "When the looting starts, the shooting starts"
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