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  1. They just closed the bars and restaurants here for the second time, no projection date stated for reopening. This week 6 nurses at my wife's hospital got COVID, were at a pub celebrating the reopening of bars and open alcohol. This will be a full blown chiit show until late winter, and our 4th celebration weekend will explode the problems in many areas....but party on bro's.
  2. Just stay in that position please, she's hot.
  3. Appreciate the recognition, onto the next stiff body....new thread please.
  4. Netflix is also running a full BLM library, for those interested....anything to appease the protesting masses.
  5. Just when I was starting to feel the love, you go salty Canadian on me ?....I'm tearing my GSP poster off my bedroom ceiling now.
  6. I saw it 3-2 Dustin, great fight from 2 great warriors....classic. Hooker is a tough guy, fought with a ton of heart, but gassed and got beat up...but never quit.
  7. Take downs with no damage shouldn't be given any merit, if you can't hurt the guy or try several submissions then it's BS.
  8. Bwana

    Tew hot

    @-idyb- our fora horoscope guru said "he died in a car fire", I'm running with hanging out with Brian at the beach.
  9. I'm usually hauling a 40 lb pack and weapon, sweating is the real issue before I hit the woods.
  10. Time to start Black facing again, going for the win.
  11. I'm going to get 1 of those electric bikes for hunting, I work too hard to peddle my azz off.
  12. Mel, Mike Perry is a black fighter that has his girlfriend as his only corner person, but he's fun to watch.
  13. Oh thank God for your mercy, ya babbling moron.
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