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  1. What's the over/under on Holly wearing short tight shorts ?
  2. I'd advise using your "go to guy".....Wickles
  3. The fault in that premise is, you had to eat the Chinese food first...so you participated in the process, so you're justified in complaining and hating it later if you choose. PS: If my cat Butch becomes part of this Chinese cuisine conversation, I'm going to get pizzed 🤣
  4. I was not referring to you or anyone in particular, as I stated in my post. I'm here to have conversations, not argue....I don't need anymore drama in my life right now, I've got BS enough on my plate.
  5. Of course it is, but it's not like living in Brazil or Guatemala. Voting is FREE
  6. In my rush to post on my phone, I misspoke in that statement. Everyone has their right to an opinion and view no matter where they may live, of our country, people, politics, and democracy. But for those that are US citizens that choose not to vote, I find it a bit hypocritical to hard line from either side when you have no skin in the game. It's our civic duty to vote, not our civic duty to biitch on forums relentlessly hoping to sway public opinion. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Your voting voice is your only REAL power in this country, along with money and assets. I just stated what I believe, not throwing hands at anyone in particular...it's just a matter of principle.
  7. No matter your political leaning, a debate is designed for each party to be able to express their views in a timely manner....according to the rules set forth prior to the debate, and agreed upon by both participants. That was a total chiit show, Trump may as well of invited Joe to a Trump campaign rally to speak...the only thing missing was the boo's from the crowd. To "win" debates you allow your opponent to speak their mind, then calmly combat their statement with facts and calm logic. True conservatives will be silent today, that was a total destruction of the democratic form of debate, which is to enlighten the people to the viewpoints of the candidates platform. To see 2 more of these debates in the future in a farce, install a mute button on the microphones allowing each candidate to express their views and answer the question uninterrupted. Anything other than that is an argument in loud pub, with 2 drunks guys screaming at each other...while neither hears the other over the loud music. I think Joe appeared rattled, confused, and intimidated,,,and Don looked like an angry wife beater that drank too much. Trump lost every white suburban house wife in America last night, because they remember that crazy ex-boyfriend or ex-husband that acted that way before they dumped them to the curb. Get a moderator that can take control of both parties, and have a civil debate/conversation, or don't waste the air time on TV....nor the VOTING public's time watching it. I've said it before, and I'll say it again...if you don't vote, your opinion means chiit in this thread.
  8. I wasn't aware that CNN was rebroadcasting the Asyenda vs Costa fight at 9PM for free, it was worse than the first time I paid $70 to see it. What a total chiit show and embarrassment.
  9. Platinum nagger Mike is a contender ? lol
  10. It will be a total chiit show from both sides, and the results won't change a thing at the voting polls.
  11. Luque or Magney, those are the fights to make...and Magney already said he'd fight him.
  12. I have a Wickles voodoo doll, and lots of hat pins.....if that counts.
  13. Top 2nd grader confirmed. And all these guys with less event wins are beating you. 11. Dark_Horse - 3 thestorm-1 - 3 Jolldan - 3 14. VertFTW - 2
  14. @Conceive-Believe-Achieve since you can't read the rules, maybe you can understand the colored chart designed for the mentally challenged. You're in last place, I can and will never catch the Alpha's at the top....just face the facts you're a Muslim loser.
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