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  1. Event wins have precedent over alphabetical order, it's in the rules.
  2. I didn't understand why it wasn't mandatory that he fought Belal Remember my Name on his last outing ?, he pokes the guy in the eye then gets a Red Panty night with Diaz for 5 rounds....and Belal gets stuck with Maia on the same card. What kind of Dana math is that bullchiit ?
  3. I have no idea, but I got slaughtered and probably the worst score of the week...pretty sure that Vert beat me.
  4. It's looks like cheating back door bullchiit is taking place again, Mr.Ed and I won't tolerate this Canadian reacharound fogglet chiit. The integrity of the game, and the dismal piss poor performance of all players must be upheld with honor and integrity.
  5. It's a great range gun due to it's longer barrel, slightly larger size, and higher round capacity. I had 1 for a while, but found it too large to EDC unless I gained 40 lbs lol. So I switched to a few smaller models, and sacrificed the capacity down to 8/9 rounds...but have no problems carrying in the summer with a tee shirt. All of the "P" series have fantastic triggers, especially if you change the hammer spring and do a trigger job on it. The new Sig Tupperware models have decreased weight, but given up durability and now use chitty striker fired systems.
  6. Picks in with minutes to spare Kingpoze, best of luck to anyone below me.
  7. The 226 is a great classic pistol, I have the P239 in 9mm & 40. S&W,,,,along with a P225A in Sigs, then a bunch of other brands/models.
  8. Just saw the prelims start at 4pm EST for anyone that didn't notice the early kickoff.
  9. Sure, if you can get past me and Mr.Sig....which I highly highly doubt 😉
  10. He'd have been tough as old leather, and I don't have anymore goats thank God. Now just Mr.Ed, Dancer, and Butch remain in my good graces. I also have about 5,000 frogs of 6 different species, but their take on the fights is always the same answer...no matter who the fighter. It's well known of course that Mr.Ed speaks fluent English, but his takes are hot/cold TBH...it all depends on how many apples I give him. So I may have to bring Butch back for tomorrow's card, but keeping her on a short leash of bad takes. We've got some Canadians to catch, so no time to waste on bullchiit.
  11. I felt enough rage had been vented, since the wife and daughter were watching me out the front door.
  12. PS: His only real friend was Mr.Ed, who may take over prediction duties if Butch keeps sleeping. He tolerated Mr.Ed because of his size, and I adopted them from a farm at the same time....had to take both, or they'd be put down. And the good ole' days, for the ornery bastage.
  13. He waited for my daughter to turn her back to him, then charged her full tilt lowered his horns and nailed her in the back. She weighs about 50 lbs. I'd guess, and she flew about 10-12 feet landing on her chest and face...knocked her out cold. I was on the porch and saw it all, and yelled but she didn't hear me(playing with her RC car), I ran over and gave her mouth to mouth(2 breaths and she came to)and started screaming and crying in pain. Carried her into the house, laid her on the couch while the wife took over. I walked into my gun room, opened the safe, pulled out the fully loaded Sig P239 SAS S&W .40 pistol with 180 grain hollow points....strolled outside and he was waiting for me, that was his second mistake. I walked up to him about 15 yards, he lowered his head to charge me, I plowed the first shot between his eyes, he dropped like a rock. Then I walked up and gave him 4 more point blank to the skull, mafia style. Mr.Bill meet Mr.Sig Then I hooked him up to my quad and drug him down into the back part of my property, and left him in a clearing by my gas well...so the coyotes and foxes could eat him...he didn't deserve a decent burial. Good ridden and fugg you, may you spend eternity spinning on a spit over a fire, somewhere in a middle eastern country.
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