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  1. Question: Whats a "dink" ?
  2. Reduced to quoting Kanye for reputable source ?, just proves leave abortion legal. Trump: I love China, love China
  3. Yeah, and midgets don't count.
  4. I'm not using a patented Bubba Sparks GOAT analysis mechanism Rando system, common sense dictates Bwana system: No cheating Roids users>resume>belts won>defenses of title>square root of ugliest wife = GOAT.
  5. Bwana

    MTP is cringe

    Fugg Conor, he should fight his way back up the ladder.
  6. 1) GSP 2) DC 3) Khabib
  7. Roid cheaters can't make the book.
  8. Khabib hospitalized after fight - Khabib couldn't practice checking calf kicks because of his broken toes - Starting on the outside then constantly pressuring was his gameplan, he praised Khabib for sticking to it. Javier knew Justin isn't used to being pressured because no one else has fought him that way. - he only learned of Khabib's retirement when he announced it, no earlier - khabib said "my toes are broken but my mind is not" - he doesn't have the longevity of GSP or Jones but no one in history has been as dominant as Khabib - khabib will continue coaching with Javier - as for vacant title shot, it must include Dustin, he's the most deserving. And the opponent can be anyone in the top 5.
  9. Bwana

    Suck it

    Dana say's #1 bullchiit, it means nothing if it's not at 155.
  10. Camo Bryce is a maniac hillbilly, he'll trash Fili.
  11. I'd say you're not only toothless, but blind as a bat. My wife is gorgeous and works out 4 times a week,....looks like a fitness model. When she walks into a room, every straight man in the room turn and look at her with lust in their eyes...the only one's that show restraint, are talking to their own wives. To continue to talk chiit on my family is laughable at best, I'm the luckiest man in the world.....blessed with beautiful children and wife, smart, classy, and caring individuals for their fellow man and the environment. But it appears you don't practice restraint, nor have a wife to be proud of, nor possess any class or civility....basically you're a keyboard twat, that should have been banned long ago. PS: You've ruined this and many other threads with your juvenile rambling antics, my sincerest apologies to King @Decompoze for being participating in any of the banter.
  12. Is it really worth all of this ? I'm considering cancelling Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year, 40 people arguing over politics and media drip will be enough for me to go out the back door and hide in the woods.
  13. If Hall had only lived up to his hype.
  14. Nice try loser, but no, no, and no. What's with you and attacking people's families ?, no man with integrity or any level of class would stoop to the level of a dung beetle. you must have a very unhappy existence in this world, you project your weaknesses and disappoints on a daily basis. What's it like to be the guy in the room that everyone dislikes ?, all because of your childish insults and moronic aptitude. You need to find something of worth in your life, then maybe you can live a happy existence. Maybe a hobby that challenges your body and mind, maybe religion would suit your disposition, maybe a few friends to enjoy time with, or a meaningful relationship with a woman. You need something, or it will be a sad and lonely life for you.
  15. Question: Have you had your first menstrual cycle yet ?, you behave like a teenage girl.
  16. Great card, didn't watch it till last night...a little surprised that Khabib retired, but the fight went exactly as I thought it would. But disappointed in Cannonier"s performance, Bobby smashed him from bell to bell.
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