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  1. bull**** time change stick to regular schedule. Old man Maia FTW.
  2. Romero is going to brutally mug this skinny kid. Facts. "Everything is possible in your life when you believe.When you believe everything is possible. You have two hands like me. Everything is possible. Go. Go and take it whatever you want to do" - the new middleweight champion, Yoel Romero
  3. Masvidal looked like a fat guy half way through a 5k run after round 3. Depleted, tired, and wanting it to be over.
  4. let’s not act like Masvidal was breathing heavy like his name was Derrick Lewis. Dude was looking tired as ****. That ****y attitude and smile were gone. He was out of gas. I think it was about to be very interesting 4th and 5th round. Doctor gave him just what he needed.
  5. Can't wait for the reaction here when Diaz mugs this geek and makes you all look autistic..... AGAIN remember this gem?
  6. Its too bad Diaz was going to make all you goons look autistic for thinking Masvidal would beat him.
  7. Gaejthe would KO him. He better hope it’s Cerrone. He’s a meme a this point and I hope it’s Gaejthe because we will get lovely odds thanks to the fanboys.
  8. you have so many posts yet cashflow has 3 times as many posts as you. Wow.
  9. Showtime KO's him again.
  10. You have a week and half or so to post this drivel before Diaz brings reality. Going to be a straight mugging.
  11. A guy who got beat by Al Ianquinta can't challenge Nate Diaz.
  12. Bad job by me, should have been submission/KO or decision.
  14. he’ll be back as long as there is not a substantial prison sentence.
  15. Rage Against the Machine: Bulls on Parade, Killin in the name, Testify, Renegades of Funk, Know Your Enemy Then do a 180 and thrown in DMX - Whats my Name.
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