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  1. I dont work for the UFC, Endeavor, or a trading company if that's what you're implying. It was a question of interest.
  2. Endeavour Holdings Group, the parent company for the UFC, has gone public https://www.espn.com/mma/story/_/id/31358407/ufc-parent-company-endeavor-goes-public-stock-sale Any takers? Or you believe theres no chance to make any real money?? This article from market realist seems to think there's a chance at decent profitability with the addition of Elon Musk to the board room, things returning to normal, and other private investment arrangements which will help facilitate a full acquisition of the company. https://marketrealist.com/p/ufc-parent-endeavor-edr-stock-forecast/
  3. There was nothing wrong with my comment. He didnt knock him out....he just all of a sudden figured out he had 30 pds on the guy and decided to smother him like a blanket.
  4. Right...I always think a 10-8 is domination from Bell to bell.
  5. There was no 10-8 rd dude....I mean if were being honest
  6. Izzy...u can't knock out what u can't touch
  7. Haha....I had to laugh....actually I kinda like Trump but referring to him as delusional is a understatement.
  8. He's literally the only one on here who doesnt seem to get it...its like he and Donald Trump sleep in the same bed together.
  9. I came back to continue schooling your stupid ****
  10. Valentina has lost to her twice. Does anything u say ever make sense?? Or is backed by facts??
  11. Well his corner and yourself are the real short bus shorties....I feel like its disrespectful to mentally handicapped people everywhere to put you and yans corner in the same category.
  12. Gotcha....homophobe and racist....salt of the earth guy you are if I ever knew one.
  13. I guess you wanna continue to reach like all the rest of your comments...what does BLM have to do with anything within this post??
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