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  1. I'm not the best but I will make you all a promise I unleash the double shot turtle shell shocked ! It's time I show how it feels to be a normal person who has a good life to straight up to the top and believe me I don't do it for the money nor the fame. I do it for respect and to prove to everyone how follow your dreams and if you really want it then go get it done.
  2. Ahahahaha I can't wait to see you all there while I am just sitting watching you all beat each other I'll do my study unless you all vote me in to fight well see if y'all scared.
  3. I'm meet you all in ufc 231dec 8th... Put in your request for me to enter so I can prove that I can handle my own.
  4. this is for all you haters I know the ufc223 was 6 mouths ago I'm so ready to fight and if I have to beat the best to be the best then I say may the best man win! Save all your talk for the ring please. But of course we'll fight.
  5. Turttle801


    I want to talk to everyone who has the experience of fight to come to my fight night when I buy the place where I am planning to have people who think or know how to fight can fight and be recorded and recognized of there talent... It's going to look somewhat like this picture of UFC gym.
  6. I want to be on the UFC 223 fighters list I am a beast fighter I know all the rules and regulations for the tournaments I am a middweight champion of Provo, UT, 84601, I have been training for my whole life and I am ready to show the world what I can do... All I need is one chance to prove myself. My name is Arturo Abrica I'm 20yrs old and I weigh 190lbs and stand 5/11 tall and I have a intense mind and heart also I learn the first time I learn really fast. Please let me fight in the UFC 223.
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