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  1. The fight Khabib vs Connor was an amazing Fight. Everyone expected Connor to win, however, The bear did what he did best; Dominated Connor throughout the fight, and he got what he most deserved thought. It was it was amzing how Dana white shows favoratism when he suppose to be professional. Sorry Dana you boy got his behind kick, and he deserves it. All of the opportunity you gave Connor, and rasing him to be a star, he has disrespected you in many ways, and over and over you forgive him, and give excusess for him. Many times, Connor thru bottles at the other fighters that could have hit the crowd, and other times jumping the fence to hurt others, and the worst thing was the buss incident, and still you back up this fool. Connor thank God looked like a beaten coward, since he disrespected the real lion, the real fighter and yet you did not support Khabib the support and respect he deserves. Im so happy he broke your heart, and made a fool out of your boy. I can't wait till all the fans realize this just as i have realized, and before i was connor fan, and change of heart now, since i know that even though Connor is a good fighter, however, Khabib stole his soul, and showed the world that connor doesnt have a heart when meeting the lion, and someone who truly has a heart, and is a true respecful champion. I can't wait when he dominates connor again in the next match to see how fast you are going to drop connor, and do what you should have done long time ago, by showing true support for khabib. All the craziness that went on, and all of the **** connor has done to embarrase ufc, and you by supporting him; However, you made a big deal out of khabib jumping over the fence, and if you had true respect for the sport you should have not even allowed this coward to enter your octigan let alone fight, since he hurt many fighters at the buss incident. Khabib the true champion, and dominated the little **** talker, and made him apologize inside the octigan.
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