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  1. hahaha did you make that? i remember the original gif. Some basketballer i think getting three years prison
  2. I think 100% of the money Conor got for UFC 229 is unreasonable Michael should receive some compensation for the missed fights, hospital bills, time wasted on training camps etc. Not sure how much that is, but definitely not worth Conor's whole pay cheque.
  3. Jon Jones before and after steroid photos + apology video I notice on social media, whenever something JUon Jones related pops up, there is hate and negativity I know he is not exactly the best role model, but this is a sport where two people try their best to beat eachother up, and Jon Jones is arguably the greatest ever fighter. He reminds me of Muhammad Ali. Everyone hate Ali back in the days, but when he retired, people started to miss him and appreciate just how great he was. Anyway, who will win the fight between Jones and Gustaffson?
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