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  1. 217 Seeing that gob****e Jedrzjczyk tap to strikes... What a Can
  2. Mike Perry couldn't even spark out horse face... He's a bum
  3. If he loses? He moves to 155 and takes on Paul Felder
  4. Mate. I'm from England. The Brummy accent is an instant turn off They're just boring No way Edwards is fighting Journeyman Jorge
  5. Helwani just said, the UFC are looking at this fight, mid August... Jeez Louise
  6. Must admit. Him and Colby would be hilarious
  7. See... If I was chief Mod. This Chit above, wouldn't be happening. Also... OP would be given a ban, instantly
  8. Couple of times Vietnam... Pretty sure you lost a few times.... Give Max, the shpt
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