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  1. Good Bare back with @OzPride's flat nose munter of a missus MODS..... Ban this man... Pray for his Family EXCUSES
  2. Bellator is done when the WFL comes Also, Coker ain’t doing himself any favours by having the shows on Saturdays. Fridays - The Under card Saturday - The Main card
  3. Too Busy not working ”a good 5 minutes” Good corner advice
  4. Just venting… Rocky was there for the taking… Poor game plan
  5. They want us to believe the likes of McTapper will be involved and it will challenge the UFC. It won't and it'll be Chit
  6. Nah… Walked miles to be well educated Unlike you and the other Filthy North American’s
  7. Colby is an undefeated Champ
  8. You Chumps Celeb boxing has been going for years. The greatest Country in the world were the Pioneers.. Not some Hoomo Disney Youtuber Country. Shame on you Murica
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