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  1. Let’s all standby for Conor’s crack fuelled twitter comments later on tonight
  2. Let Man Utd keep winning. The players will soon go back to their default (****e) setting once the new season starts.. "Ole's at the wheel!" hahahahahahahahahahaha Jokers
  3. Just watched that 2nd round again... Hell Mary
  4. Just watching the main event Currently on the 2nd round... Jeez louise
  5. Fcuk... Sorry, I got pissed and fell asleep... I would of picked Micky Gall too....
  6. Sorry guys. Just woke up. Super drunk in the day time, on this punk Saturday afternoon Witness the fitness Bunch of fat yanks and Swedes
  7. Tecia Torres VS Raquel Pennington No Cucumbers Allowed
  8. Great ground game... Of course, she's got some losses..... But, with a great stand up coach???? Also....Why isn't she at Tri-Star????? She a North American
  9. You 2% African's, are a bunch of bums
  10. So, we hit 31 degrees today Managed a 30 mile bike ride and a run.. Also did a Weights session I'M A TANK
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