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  1. Hahaha 2-10……… and I still got more wins than @Bwana What a Chump
  2. Leon making all the roster look like lemons Crown him now
  3. A test tube baby, from 2 retards... Yeah, you certainly did
  4. That should only be used your Inbred family I've fired many weapons..
  5. The 226 is the only model I've touched...
  6. Not playing anymore.. Don't have time to make picks
  7. Nice Short.. Enjoyed the 226 very much
  8. For someone who can't even talk properly. He has some nerve talking like this. He got pieced up for a full 5 rounds and he comes out with this chit... Joker.... Shame on all you jobbers
  9. In Glad you pulled your finger out
  10. Leon smacked the Chit out of him Diaz is finished
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