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  1. Picks in. Standby for greatness Thank you @Decompoze
  2. My bad.. I must have missed Everyone talking about this non fight..
  3. Jeez. This thread is worse than the ones I create
  4. I see you're trying to pick an argument, or be a dcik..
  5. I've been a Cycling fan for over 10 years. I've never heard a story about Cav 'beating a motorbike'...
  6. The lead out, on the Champs in 2012, was one of the best. Not one rival near him. Iconic that the Yellow jersey lead the train too... Unreal
  7. Still Lance for me.. As for Wiggins. He settled into the TT mode, as the Sky train pulled him round. Usually, the train pull, then drop off, so the GC rider can go for the line. Wiggo didn’t that once in the tour. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge Wiggins fan. So don’t think I’m digging him. Just viewing as a GC rider that’s all Some personal pics I’ve taken over the years at races
  8. Obviously Wiggo can climb. However, If Froome, Nibali etc went toe to toe with Sir Brad. They would leave him for dust! That's what i was getting at. My take on 2012.. Froome beat him in the Vuelta in 2011. So, going into 2012, you'd have thought Team Sky would of invested in Froome. But, Big Dave choose to go all in on brad (the year in Yellow, see).. Froome was told, "You will get your chance", to which has had many chances and multiple wins. So, to go against all that and attack your leader, is a bullchit move. He's also Kenyan, who lives in Monaco.. Wanker! Prime Cav yeah.. Don't think he'll break the tour stage record. Doesn't have the legs anymore... As for Merkx.. Way ahead of my time.. Don't quote me on this, but isn't Cav's stage wins 'better' than Eddie's? Something about how they were won etc
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