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  1. No, as I don't have a Dog. Just like me not getting Covid.... But, I did do my picks on 3 hours notice! Just out of interest. Would you eat Dog? You know, if it was farmed for eating and not some stinker, took from the streets
  2. That was a night, full Of bad picks and Chitty decisions. I’ll take the loss. It’s a game of inches. You win or you learn. I’ll go back to the gym and speak with my Coaches. I’ll come back stronger. I did the picks on less than 3 hours notice. I’m not gonna blame the weight cut. I torn my Miniscus 3 weeks out. My dog died. I changed camps. I think I need a break. Maybe take a year to address things. I took a tainted supplement. I think I had Covid.....
  3. Spurs are still able to reach top 4 They're also in a Cup final (been a few years eh) It's as simple as this. Man Utd didn't back Jose and Levy won't back any Manager, as he's a tight Cnut You watch. Kane will be sold in the Summer and Spurs will go back to being a top half club, never mind top 4 team....
  4. I think he won, yeah.. I think the fight is still on YouTube
  5. I do and I don't feel sorry for anyone who actually paid money for the event. I am pleased for Ben Askren though. He's kind of made a mockery of this 'Celeb White Collar Boxing' nonsense. In the eyes of 'proper' combat sports fans. He went there and made a Chit ton of Cash, whilst everyone knew he was gonna lose. Christ, If I was him, I'd of betting against myself too! Ben's a clever guy. Give it a few days and no one will remember the actual bout. Well done on Ben for WINNING Ricky Gervais fought some Bum years ago in the UK. Most people probably don't even know
  6. Not all of them get paid $500,000 though Ben played a blinder. Absolutely nothing to lose, cause he knew he has a lack of Striking skills. He goes out, sells his brand and other sponsors (he mentioned $1 million bucks), get's beat and Still goes home to a family and a very successful Wrestling Academy. People, instead of down playing Ben Askren. Maybe people should be looking up to him. Fighters can throw money at projects for the acclaim. Other fighters not only put their own money in, they also carry the projects through to the end
  7. Picks in. Thanks @Decompoze Good luck to everyone bar from @Dark_Horse and @OzPride. Rot in hell, you pair of Goobers
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